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    Here is another one of John’s newsletter inspirations that I think you may find helpful.
    I do.:hearts:


    Here’s a scenario that we all know too well. You get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and go off to work, all the time trying to feel positive and hoping for a great day. You hit heavy traffic, horns blaring, brakes screeching, or the bus or train is so crowded you can’t find a seat, or you remember the kids forgot their lunch, and finally you look down and realize you’re now wearing your cup of coffee. You walk into the office thinking you looked okay when you left your house, until one of your co-workers says, “Wow! Are you sick? You look really tired!”

    Sound familiar? This is how lots of people start their day. Your stress and anxiety levels rise to critical levels and you never get the chance to stop before launching into work. When you don’t stop, breathe and check-in, the rest of the day will often be crazy and hectic, with a sense that you’re always trying to catch up. If your body and mind are stressed, then it’s going to be so much harder to acknowledge and listen to your intuition. In contrast, here’s another scenario that one of my students often practices.

    Debra has a high paced job and she’s always on the go. From the time she gets up, until the time she gets home and kicks off her shoes, she makes important business decisions for her company, and depends on her inner guidance to help with those critical decisions to get through her day as smoothly as possible.

    Every morning even before she gets her first coffee or greets her colleagues, she goes through the same routine. She goes into her office, closes the door, mutes the phone, and doesn’t even look at her computer or email. She performs her own 10-minute psychic check-in. By doing this, she starts her workday feeling balanced, confident and calm. She knows what’s coming up and is prepared for it.

    Intuitive information has a better chance of getting her attention when she begins each day in this way, simply by turning inward and taking a few minutes for herself and her intuition.

    So, the motto of this story is simple: Try and start off every day in a prepared, positive frame of mind, and be connected to your inner guidance before the external gets a hold of you. The question
    is simple: “Will you give yourself the opportunity?”

    The choice is always yours.

    I recommend you try this exercise in the morning. Whether you do it at home before you go to work, or by going in a little earlier and doing it at the office, it’s up to you. By practicing this short exercise, you’ll begin to build a relationship with your inner guidance, one that can be accessed when you need it.

    Begin by closing your eyes and taking a complete breath as you begin to relax. Let your awareness bring you back into your body. Follow your breath into the quiet place within your heart. Breathe a few breaths into this area, as you continue to relax and feel
    more grounded. Your body and mind begin to grow quieter
    with each breath.

    Bring your awareness now into your solar plexus area. Ask your intuition if there’s anything specific it wants to tell you. Breathe in again, and take a moment with it. Take whatever comes. Now guide your awareness up to your crown chakra. Ask if there’s
    a situation that you should know about, or that would be
    helpful for the coming day.

    Depending on your psychic strength, you may receive words, symbols or a feeling about what you need or want to know.

    It doesn’t take long to do this exercise and you may receive something important, or something quite small, or you may receive nothing at all on a certain day. At least you’re honoring yourself and your inner guidance by making a commitment to listen.

    After awhile, you will see how your days seem to flow better with a sense of guidance and enthusiasm. People around you may begin to notice the changes, and they may even ask you how you seem to know what to do in any given situation.

    Live a Soul-Filled Life!


    Jeannie, thank you for posting this exercise — what a timely, gentle reminder! :hearts:

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