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    Pam B

    Be sure not to miss John Holland featured in this special on the
    Mediums: We See Dead People

    Fascinating 2-hour special that delves into the work of psychic mediums as they speak to the dead, solve crimes, photograph spirits, explore hauntings, and get involved in other paranormal activities. Featured are John Holland, who “feels” the giant fireball that killed factory workers nearly a century ago; Jeffrey Wands, who talks to the dead at a New York cemetery; and Dr. Gary Schwartz, a psychologist who tests mediums for accuracy.

    Mon 2/13 10pm & Tue 2/14 2am (check your local listings in your own time zone)


    It was on A&E Sept. 26, 2005 and several of us saw it. If you missed it, make sure you see it this time. The show was very good.

    Here’s our discussion about it.


    MEDIUMS: We see dead people.

    On A&E from 4 to 6 pm today followed by Pscychic children!!

    :hearts: Sorry no advance notice…I just saw it on the tv schedule surfing channels!;)


    Is on the Biography Channel today at 3 pm Eastern.

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