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    I finally got around to reading John Holland’s book, “Psychic Navigator, Harnessing Your Inner Guidance.“ It’s not a big book but it makes up for it’s size by being a powerful book. The book also includes a wonderful Psychic Meditation CD.

    The best way for me to validate this book is to say what it’s done for me, and will continue doing. I, who always thought of myself as a psychic rock, discovered I am very Clairsentient. Chapter 2 is called, “Discovering Your Psychic Strengths”.

    John writes about each of the clairs and how to recognize if you have them. When I read the indicators of being Clairsentient, I scored 100%. It explains to me reasons why I often feel certain ways.

    “Are your feelings hurt easily?” Yes! Unfortunately I’m very easy to hurt but I am also very easy to please.

    “When sitting in a room, can you feel if the furniture isn’t positioned right for a room’s energy?” Yes! I always look at the furniture in a room and want to move certain pieces.

    “When meeting others, do you intuitively know that something is wrong, even though they appear happy?” Yes! I know immediately when something is wrong with my smiling daughter. I could always tell when people were not happy when they came up to me at my job with the public.

    “When you are driving, do you sense when you should take a different street than normal, only to find out later there was a terrible traffic jam on your original route? “ Yes! I feel a guidance to go another way.

    This is a big one for me. “Are you the one everyone goes to when they’re feeling down or want to get something off their chest?” Yes! I also absorb some negative energy from them and feel sad.

    If you want to know your Psychic Strengths, how to meditate, breathe correctly, learn all about auras, what are Chakra’s?, and have a CD that that talks you through developing your psychic awareness, buy this book!

    I’m listening to the first meditation exercise on the “Developing Your Psychic Awareness Meditation” CD and making progress on opening my self to the energy. John has a powerful and soothing voice on it. I’m not going past the first exercise until I can get the symbol I’ve chosen as my key to meditating, to come in clearly.

    It’s a green frog. :froggie: It only shows up in my third eye as a watery, light green puddle. In spite of my lack of Clairvoyance (clear seeing) my Clairsentience makes me feel the energy John describes coming into me. Powerful energy all through my body.

    This book gets five stars. *****


    Toldja!! :D


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