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    If you want to tap in to the power of the soul and live a life of purpose, passion and unlimited potential, then firstly you have to remember that you are a soul. I find it ironic that although we come from a place of divine source and inspiration, so many of us spend the majority of our lives trying to find it again! When you acknowledge that you are a soul and not purely just a physical body, then believe me when I tell you that there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

    When you begin living and viewing the world from a soul level, you’ll start to understand the nature and workings of the expansive ‘spiritual power’ of the soul. You’ll gain a higher perspective and a deeper understanding of your life purpose, the nature of the world, and your fellow mankind.

    I believe part of my purpose here is to teach you how to understand the soul, how to use and trust your soul’s sense of intuition, and to appreciate that the power and energy of love is vital to your soul’s well-being. As you tap into this amazing source, you’ll learn how to heal yourself as well as others, and find the tools to break free from the limitations of the past, so that your soul can continue to expand and above all evolve. Your journey certainly doesn’t stop when you read your first spiritual book, or if you’ve signed up for a yoga or meditation class … for in reality, it’s only just begun.

    As we’re all uniquely different, our spiritual practices and daily habits reflect that individualism, as ultimately when we learn to connect and embrace our soul, it’s a highly personal and private pursuit. Yes, I acknowledge that many people relate their spirituality to God, but to truly become one with the universe, then I believe it can only start from within. True peace ultimately comes from within, and not from the more materialistic outside world.

    As you read this edition of Soul Inspirations, this is your chance to take the responsibility of owning your power, and to start living a life as the Divine Soul that you are. I don’t want to hear you saying: “I’ll start tomorrow or the next day.” I don’t want to hear you saying to yourself: “I’ll do it when I have time.” Today is the day! Now is the moment! Once you realize that you can access this phenomenal internal database that we call wisdom anytime you wish, it becomes an empowering motivator to start living the life you were meant to live.

    So start practicing a daily routine today. Once you get into the habit, you’ll find that it reaffirms your personal connection, and enables you to live a life of compassion and forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation for others and nature, and exploring the unlimited potential that’s ahead of you. Above all, by practicing such spiritual practices, it often encourages a healthier way of living for the body, the mind, and the soul.

    A great way to start living as a ‘soul’ is by acknowledging and repeating: “I am a soul.” When you say these words, your soul resonates with what you’re expressing, and your consciousness expands even more. It’s a constant process of reminding yourself, as there will be times throughout your lifetime when for any number of reasons, you may unconsciously pull away from your soul. So, through the constant process of reminding yourself that you are more than this physical being, it will bring you back to your souls awareness. You will feel the affect as you make that connection.

    It’s important to remember, that regardless of the image we project outwardly, it’s actually our inner selves that generate the responses, inspire such tender emotions, and forge those life-long connections.

    I find it helpful when I have a tough decision or if I feel confused what direction I am suppose to take, to pause and ask: “What does my soul want me to do? What does my soul need at this time?”

    No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you always have the freedom of choice to begin living a spiritual life, to start living from the soul. You may be saying: “But I really wasn’t nice to people,” or “I’ve lived such a bad life.” Whether you’ve lived a life of a tyrant or an angel, you’re still and always will be a soul. When we focus on what lies within, rather than what’s on the outside, then we become more aware of the forces that draw us together – the power of the soul.

    As a soul, you have a piece of God, the Divine Source inside you at all times. It’s a package deal. As you’re human, you have a soul and as a soul, you have all the power that goes with it. It doesn’t discriminate, exclude, or condemn and no matter how much you may ignore it —or at time abandon it—your soul will never leave you.

    All it asks is that you turn to it, to be open and receptive to its divine wisdom, as it only wants what’s best for you and your highest good.
    Live a Soul-Filled Life!

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    Thanks for sharing, Jeannie! Timely, as usual. :hearts:


    It is “funny” how John’s messages always tie into the book I am reading, magazine articles, notes from friends…
    My brother sent me a funny youtube video and the message to me was about this. I am reading an older book about spirituality that jumped off the shelf in the book store, a magazine article (from a past issue), a quote on a friends Facebook wall, all have had the same message. The week before, I was asking – ” How can I be more in touch with spirit/God?” When my guides want to get a message to me – they go all out. :dance::hearts:

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