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    I’m sure that you all know people who’ve reached a certain age, who are stuck in a mind-set that they’ll remain single for the rest of their lives, yes? All too often, you’ll hear them say “It’s too late, I’m not going to meet anyone now.” The same goes for people who feel that promotion has passed them by and now it’s too late.

    This is just another form of being held ransom by your psychological fear. It’s never too late. I love the quote by George Eliot: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” A client recently told me a story of her aunt, who at the age of 70 went back to college to get a degree in English. Was it too late for her? She clearly didn’t think so. I also just watched a television show featuring a happy, lively 82 year-old man windsurfing on the ocean alongside all the twenty-something surfer dudes. Apparently, he didn’t believe he was too old
    for anything!

    When you make such excuses, you block positive people and situations from manifesting themselves in your life. These people and situations could bring you unlimited amounts of spirit energy, passion, and joy to your soul. The soul is ageless. It’s eternal. That’s why so many people say:
    “I really don’t feel that old.”

    In reality, it’s your physical body that will age – not your soul. By tapping in to your soul and the power of your spirit that flows through it, you can feel youthful as it brings you energy and vitality to your physical body when you need it most. It comes down to how you approach life as well as how you’re taking care of yourself. If you really believe that you’re too old, then you know what happens, you just get older. I’ve known many people who don’t give in to the whole notion of what you can or can’t do at any age in your life. It’s societal conditioning that dictates how we should act at a certain age. My first admin assistant has a very young minded 84-year-old mother, who has a boyfriend, still drives her car, and volunteers once a week at a homeless shelter. I’ve seen people in their thirties act older than her mom.

    I hope that I’m that young at heart when I’m in my eighties!

    Here are a few steps to breaking free of the:
    “It’s too late” syndrome.

    Adopt an attitude of “It’s never too late.”
    Try something new every day.
    Nobody says you’re too old to try.
    Believe in yourself.
    Don’t listen to others if they say: “Your too old.”
    If you’re passionate about something,
    you can achieve it!
    Associate with people who do rather than say.
    Enroll in that evening class you’ve always
    wanted to join.
    Don’t let your excuses hinder your
    potential to achieve.
    Don’t live a life of regrets, and become one of those who say: “If only I had …”

    Live a Soul-Filled Life!


    Thanks for the inspiration, Jeannie (and John!). :wave: It’s so true — my mother-in-law and her “boyfriend” (both widowed) were married only a couple of years ago. They are both in their 80’s. :hearts:


    That is so wonderful that they found each other & did not let age spoil their relationship. Think how much joy and company and comfort they must bring each other.:hearts:


    Nope, it’s never too late to get happy!

    Hi ya all!:clap:

    What’s cookin’


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