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    From 101 Ways to Jumpstart your Intuition

    The more knowledge you have in your mind, the more your intuition has to work with. Subscribe to information-packed magazines such as National Geographic, Time, or Scientific American — anything that will expand your mind and your consciousness. Let the pictures and stories move you and inspire your thoughts. The mind is far more than a mere storage library — it’s a finely tuned creative instrument that will assist you in shaping your reality and your future.
    Blessings – John
    Pam B

    John also mentioned this at the workshop we attended. I kind of got a chuckle out of it, because I thought that National Geographic was about “scantily clad natives”….I guess it’s a cultural thing you hear ‘the boys’ laugh about. I hadn’t seen a National Geographic since high school other than reading the cover in the doctor’s office.

    Last weekend I had to “run” to the local teeny grocery store to pick up some last minute items for dinner. I was zooming around the store and I went past the magazine rack and as I always do, scanned the tiny rack for a new craft/scrapbooking/stamping magazine. No arts and crafts magazines this week??? What’s up with that? Usually I have at least 6 titles to pick from, and this week it was all about farming, gardening, and RV’s! Except for one title I never realized they even had before — National Geographic.

    Even though I was in a hurry, I picked it up and started browsing it. What a surprise! Not one scantily clad native. In fact, there were gorgeous pictures from southern Texas, about people who keep the style of dance from George Washington’s time alive, and the gowns were absolutely gorgeous…the photography was as compelling as it was beautiful, in fact the whole magazine seemed to come alive in my hands. I looked at the cover price and decided that I just didn’t have enough in the budget to start buying it on a regular basis. So, I put it back. Sorry John Holland, I’ll have to substitute TV and novels to build up my mental database!

    I checked out, drove home and gathered my groceries up out of the car. As I walked in the door from the garage into the house, I picked up the day’s mail from the ledge (Jeff had left it there on his way to work in yard.)

    On the top of the stack…a envelope from National Geographic :eek: I swear to you, never in my memory do I remember EVER receiving a solicitation from National Geographic to subscribe. Inside was a great offer of $15.00 for one year, 12 issues. My arts and crafts magazines cost twice that for 6 issues a year.

    I asked Jeff to get this for me for Christmas :) How could I ignore the synchronicity?

    Take a look at this site and some of the photography, and the stories they cover…how you can NOT get this richly photographed and educational magazine when it’s only $15.00 a year for 12 issues??? :)

    Check out the pictures of Saturn!!!


    We don’t have an icon for smacking oneself in the forehead … you just reminded me that my niece sent me a magazine subscription order form for a school fundraiser! I’m order NG right now!!! :dance:


    My brother was in National Geographic once…LOL but not as a scantily clad native:laff2:

    Pam I guess you could watch the National Geographic channel on TV if you have it. I also heard someone else mention it a while back on Hayhouse radio. The purpose was to “expose yourself”(pardon the pun) to images of places and things that you have never seen before. Stimulates the mind and gives you a broader reference base.:)


    National Geographic has always been known for their incredible photography and wonderful maps. All their books are almost considered collectors items. In fact I remember reading a joke that was going around about the “communism scare years”, to the effect of “You can tell your neighbors are communists if there’s a National Geographic in their trash. Real Americans keep them forever.” :)

    CarolynB;126900 wrote:
    We don’t have an icon for smacking oneself in the forehead … you just reminded me that my niece sent me a magazine subscription order form for a school fundraiser! I’m order NG right now!!! :dance:

    I also have one of those fundraiser order forms on my desk. Thanks for the reminder!

    I had a subscription to National Geographic for a few years after I graduated from photography school. Each morning on the train to work in Boston, I would read an issue from cover to cover. Some of the best photography you’ll ever see.:love:

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