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    Pam B

    I think that most regular visitors to this forum would probably agree: Everyone has the ability to be psychic. Whether tapped or not, we are all born with the potential, to varying degrees. Some of us have the desire to take that potential and develop it into a practical skill. Not all of us do.

    But here’s a question of ethics: Just because you can utilize your psychic skills, does that mean you should for or with other people?

    Does a person need to be able to have additional qualities in order to be an ethical practitioner? If so, what are some of those qualities? Maturity? Emotional stability? Are spiritual beliefs important? What qualities or behaviors do YOU look for, in a psychic or medium?


    My vote was no.

    Maturity, ethics, empathy, life experience, honesty and lack of ego (or at least the ability to set it aside while working) are all very important qualities that I personally believe anyone doing this work should possess. Motivation also plays a very important role.


    Someone has to be very careful when deciding whether to use their psychic skills for others. In my opinion there is a responsibility that goes with reading. I think this holds doublely true when it concerns mediumship.

    Where mediumship is concerned, more so than the other new age disciplines, you never know what mental/emotional state the person who is coming in for the reading is in. What is said can affect/effect a person on so many levels. Though a majority of people who go to mediums may do so for some final closure. There are those who will continually go from medium to medium because they can not move on.

    While many who go to psychic’s, mediums, astrologers etc and use what they hear as a tool to utilize in their life. We all have free will, after all. There are just as many people who will come out of a reading thinking what they just heard was written in stone.


    Yes, and there are other factors as well. Sometimes you’ll get clients who only want you to tell them what they want to hear, and then somehow expect you to manifest it for them, too. So, there is a need for the ability to be diplomatic, but to be able to draw the line, as well. I do this professionally now, and do upwards of 100 readings a week. Many of those are return customers who will return every day if you let them and spend a lot of money (even though I charge very little), trying to get a play-by-play of what’s going to happen next. They only listen to the parts they want to hear, and have a hard time accepting responsibility for their own choices.

    I don’t say this to bad-mouth anyone. I love my clients, and these ones are generally in the minority, but it’s just another thing to keep in mind when you are deciding to do this for a living.



    I am not comfortable enough with my own abilities as a psychic to even call myself psychic to be honest it scars the crap out of me. but I am willing to take it all on board and learn more about it.

    Theresa W

    This is hard since I am just a novice and have so much to learn; the learning really never stops. I want to be helpful and humble, but is that in-and-of-itself arrogance? But then I back away to see if it is just ego. Or is it actually fear: of intruding on the other’s learning process or fear I might look pompous? A paradox for me to see clearly on this one. Maybe I should leave it up to the professionals and observe their guidance.Theresa:(


    This is such an excellent topic which deserves thought.
    I hope you do not mind if I give my humble opinion…
    Ability, in and of itself , is not a right to do a reading for someone. Many factors should be considered prior to sharing information you might have for another.
    There are many tools which need to be developed in addition to simply getting the information.
    First and formost, using a statement attributed to Kuan Yin: ” Do no harm”
    Your responsibility as a reader is to enlighten, empower, and sometimes awaken but no reading should take place unless you have been given permission to do so.
    You must be able to read from a place of compassion and love and, when reading from that place, always remain mindful of the greatest and highest good of the person you are reading for. It is in that place of unconditional love where the “ego” is set aside.
    Your reason for doing a reading, ie: your intention, should be not about your ability to do so, but about the positive results of your doing so.
    If, per chance, you feel a need to impart information to another which might present a problem for them, you must have the wisdom and knowledge to offer advice and solutions to help them deal with the problem itself. This is where knowledge is key because you can incorporate solutions into your reading. Study of Holistic Healing, Chakras, Meditation Techniques to name a few, as well as other metaphysical modalities become a valuable tool for healing and enpowerment.
    As you said Pam, everyone is psychic to a certain degree but just like any talent or ability, one must learn how to use it properly. Whether it is playing a flute, riding a bike or using your psychic ability, it takes practice, experience and most importantly proper intention.
    The major difference here is that playing a flute can do no harm.
    Working on your own spiritual development should be a constant endeavor as it inevitably will grant you the tools you need in order to do the most good in a reading.
    I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing gifted people in my life and the one thing they all seem to have in common is the ability to comprehend and understand unconditional love. On that basis, it is my opinion, that is a key factor when looking for a medium or psychic or any kind of a reader.
    You will know them when you meet them..after all…you all are psychic.

    Theresa W

    Pam & Allison, Miracle after miracle on this site… affirmation of “I’ll let the professionals answer this and follow their guidance;” you show up with an answer for me and hopefully anyone questing this information. That you received help and proper training from others, like you stated, was a gift that prompted you to study and develop the insight and wisdom you have to pass on to me and others today. Your response was most helpful. Unconditional love ..first ..and always.:candle:

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