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    maria V

    Hi everyone :wave:

    For those students who recently took the karma class, the final assignment involved putting together all of the new techniques we learned in class to write our own “karmic story” of potential past life stuff we experienced and why we are here in life again to resolve it.

    With Jamie’s permission I am posting her story and if anyone else wants to share theirs go ahead. Talk it up – this was a fun exercise. My karmic story is actually in the Prenatal Eclipse thread. It’s kind of weird to say, but it does “feel” true.

    So read this thread with an open mind to all that is possible that we don’t understand – our potential is truly amazing!

    maria V

    Part I
    Tell me about your Pluto placement. Locate Pluto by sign to indicate where you may tend towards compulsive behavior based on past life patterns.
    Then locate the polarity point to your Pluto and tell me about how you can direct your Plutonian energy in order to transcend those old ego patterns that are no longer serving you and bring you closer to the Source.

    Part II
    You all get to tell me a story. It’s called your Karmic Story. Start with your South Node by sign and house and go from there. You can make this as creative and fun as you’d like so don’t feel funny. Think of how much fun we can have reading each other’s stories next week!

    Pluto in Virgo 11th House. Well, it looks like I depended on my friends a little too much in my past life. I obviously identified with the collective to the detriment of developing my own identity. Very possibly I held a powerful position in a large organization but used my powers of discernment and critical, analytical thinking negatively.

    I may have demanded certain ethical standards from my friends (or the public)that I myself was not willing to adhere to. I may have used my intellectual powers to make others feel less about themselves. (Yikes!) Always criticizing their hopes and dreams while building my own up through their lack of control.

    It looks like without their servitude (Virgo) I could never have obtained the amount of social power I enjoyed in my past life. I was reliant on their position in society to build my self esteem. Now the tables are turned. I have Pluto in the 11th House indicating that I am here to serve (Virgo) the masses.

    Pluto is conjunct Uranus indicating that possibly I was an instigator of social reform or just very possibly a rabble rouser. In this lifetime I am to use the transformative power of Pluto combined with the eccentricity of Uranus to inspire and connect the collective conscious to the source of all creation. I need to overcome my desire for intellectual superiority and “know it all” attitude by sharing my mental (Mercury rules Virgo) resources with the collective.
    The knowledge that I hold comes from a source other than myself and I must give up my ego in order to benefit from this 11th House placement.
    I did NOT invent the “wheel”!

    If you look at my opposition to Jupiter in the 5th House it is very evident that I had a very large ego problem in my past incarnation. I was probably very bombastic and self-righteous. I knew what was best for EVERYBODY (11th H Pluto!) Let me look to see what caused this lack of self-esteem.
    AHA! Pluto is squaring my Sun and Mercury! Someone made me feel like crap. Always criticizing my mind(Mercury) and my identity(Sun). This was a person who held a great deal of power over me….and it looks like it was a friend or person in a large organization. I believed every word they said and could not make a move without their permission!

    It looks as though I was very enamored of this persons power and arbitrarily carried out their orders without serious, thoughtful consideration of motivation. With Pluto in Virgo critical, analytical thinking is a MUST! Before I wield any kind of power over my friends, groups or organizations that I find myself involved with I must THINK first before acting upon my ideas! I must analyze my ideas and motivations before I share them with others or act upon them.

    I must say that I relied heavily upon what other people thought of me. I would worry obsessively about what this person was thinking about me or that person was saying about me. I just knew that everyone hated me and was thinking that I was the biggest loser on the planet. The need to “fit in” did not hit me until I was well into my 30’s. I wanted to belong to certain groups and thought that if I was just like everyone else I would be accepted. Well, all that did was get me into deep doodoo. (sorry about the descriptive, Maria.) The more that I tried to fit in the more trouble I kept encountering.
    Everything that I was doing was contrary to my needs and beliefs….but I kept on the same ol’ crooked path until one day it hit me! Hey! I hate my life. I hate the new Jamie. I hate the Jamie that everyone wants me to be. I hate the mini-skirts and water-bras (yes, I wore those stupid contraptions…but don’t tell anyone…NOT!) she wears. I hate the long bleached hair and low-cut, clingy tops. I hate the sexy persona that I was projecting!

    Just 1 year earlier one could have mistaken me for a school marm. Long skirts, un-coiffed hair and little make-up. I dressed like a spinster, acted like a spinster and thought like a spinster. I was happy being me. So what I learned is that societal “norms” do not fit me. I was not a hip young chick, “Foxy lady” or even a “sex kitten”. I was a dowdy, serious scholarly book-worm who enjoyed reading in my spare time. As a matter of fact I’d rather read than socialize….and so I did all through my teen years.

    Okay, I got way off the topic here. Sorry about that. I suppose I had a lesson to learn about personal power through the abuse of sex and sexuality. I learned it’s pretty potent stuff and can lead to all kinds of self deception. I think that since Pluto is making a soft aspect to my Venus and Neptune it was not such a major karmic issue that I needed to deal with for an extended period of time. I learned very fast the power of attraction and how one could abuse others through possessing a magnetic personality. I do not know if I abused others by my behavior ( but very possibly I did) because I was never willing to get more than I was able to give. There was always “fair play” involved…and I suppose that was largely due to my Venus/Neptune conjunction in the 1st H.

    SN is in Aquarius and conjunct Saturn in the 4th House. This would suggest to me that I was very irresponsible in regards to my duties and obligations to my family in a prior life. Perhaps I was involved with a coup d’etat or revolution that caused many people in my country of origin to suffer so there is heavy karma to satisfy in this lifetime with regards to my fellow man.

    A lot of familial responsibility is implied with this SN position.
    Perhaps I was too detached in my thinking and did not consider what my actions might cause my family or neighbors. Maybe I spent waaaay too much time in my own little world concocting theories about “brotherly love” and Utopian societies? Perhaps I practiced only in theory the concept of “brotherly love” or maybe I did apply it but neglected to give support and unconditional love to my own family thereby setting up a Karmic pattern in this lifetime of overwhelming familial obligations, trials and tribulations…..and there was plenty of those!

    Okay……..this is all probably wrong because this is way to dramatic. I probably was a poor hermit who lived in a hut in some remote part of the country scratching a living out of selling herbal concoctions and vile tasting elixirs. I probably caused many a villager his life with these potions.
    My family probably died of hunger because I never could manage to hold a job for any length of time…..I was always on the verge of inventing the next great thing that would make us wealthy beyond our wildest dreams but never seeing these dreams realized I ended my life by drinking one of my own potions.

    Okay….that’s a little dramatic too. I probably died of syphilis or something.
    No matter what the circumstances it is very evident that I am here to gain maturity and responsibility with regards to family obligations. Am I succeeding? Little by little, inch by inch, day by day I see progress. As long as I am sensing a flow to my life I know that I am going in the right direction.

    Maria, I had a great time doing the homework in this class. I will miss you. Take care and have a wonderful Spring!

    Much Love,


    CRIKEY! I forgot that I put all that juicy info in my homework!:yikes: rofl
    Well, I do love a good laugh …..even at my own expense…so please, everyone, feel free to ROFL!:wave:


    Hi Maria, I loved the Karma classes. They were over too soon. I have learned so much from all the classes and I hope that you will have time for the relationship class sometime later this year. :D
    I am posting my homework – again thanks for the great classes. :love:

    Astrology: Final Karma Homework

    Part I
    My Pluto placement: My Pluto (transformation) is located in my 4th house (home and family). The sign is Virgo (I expand). Compulsive behavior based on past life patterns would involve communication and intelligence, rapid progress in knowledge. Virgo’s influences (Mercury/6th house) focus on the need to solve profound problems, and perfectionism, especially in the field of health and service. (Ego: pride, feeling of superiority)

    Pluto’s polarity point in my natal chart is 10th house. This means that I can release this Plutonian energy to transcend my old ego patterns through my career. Which is health and service related (Virgo’s influence) Learning patience and tolerance of others through compassionate service and caring, yet being able to use that perfectionist, problem-solving nature for the greater good of others including providing for my home and family.

    Also learning in this lifetime to a lesser degree than the previous one that career and affluence are not the most important issues in life. Needing to find balance and harmony between career obligations and personal relationships.

    Part II
    With my South Node located in 10th house (career) Aries (identity), I found that once again relationship issues are brought up. I need to find balance and harmony within my self, and between career/family/love interests.

    OK, here is the story I came up with for my Karmic Story.
    Drawing from my previous Karma homework, I am discovering, that I need to work on relationships all around. Saturn, Capricorn, 7th house. Learning to deal fairly with others. My PE and LE screamed the same messages. My South Node in 10th house Aries, tells me that, past ego patterns would involve independence, self-identity, and perhaps some intolerance and arrogance. For a lark, I looked up my PE in relation to the placement of the Key planet. From all of this, I came up with a dramatic and somewhat tragic story of a young woman, living in the 1920s. I believe that she lived in NY and was born into a wealthy family. Adored by her father and challenged by her mother to be the perfect lady, she was spoiled and very self-centered. The perfectionist in her and her highly intelligent nature left her arrogant, intolerant and basically a snob. Although, she had deep feelings for a young sailor (who loved her very much) her status and snobbish nature would not allow her to continue the relationship. The stock market crash of Black Friday was devastating to her family who lost everything, leaving them very much in debt and impoverished. The rudeness and arrogant treatment of others that she exhibited during the good years of her upbringing, came back to haunt her. Finding it impossible to continue her education and needing to find a job below her accustomed status, was more than she could bear. I think that her father passed of a heart attack leaving her completely without the one person who loved her unconditionally. I feel that she died a very young woman at the end of 1930. She may have died of an illness, or perhaps even suicide, but definitely unhappy and alone. I believe that in the end, she had learned the importance of kindness, and the need for balance in power and in treating others with love and respect.

    I don’t know if one word of it is true, but it makes a good story.


    I love your story Jeannie. Like Maria said, if it resonates with you then it is probably your story.

    Personally I believe that our subconscious is our personal “filing cabinet” where we store loads of information from previous lives. While we cannot access it consciously I do believe that there are moments of “recognition” when faced with the same dilemmas from a previous incarnation.

    I have a feeling that I’ve been male in many past incarnations because that is one of biggest complaints in this lifetime; I was not born a male!:cuss:
    Well if I abused my power in a prior lifetime then what better way to experience being “powerless” than by being born female in a male dominated world? Something to think about.:hmm:

    Thanks for sharing your Karma, Jeannie!:hearts:


    Hi Jamie, thank you for sharing your karma too. I enjoy how you break down the chart and explain it.

    Yes, the story does resonate with me. When I started writing the story, immediately, I got a flash back of a brief image I got during a meditative state. I was a young woman, dressed in clothing from early 1900s answering the door and my beau, a sailor, was coming to court. The image lasted only a moment or two, but I just “knew” that it was of my previous life. The Key planet placement fell right in with that thesis. The story just flowed out. Who knows?:D I think that I have been a man in at least one incarnation. I have been told that I have been a warrier, a famous leader, and a chinese aristocratic female. Whether or not any of that is true, I don’t know. That source is questionable.:o

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