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    My daughter Laurie crossed over at 16 years old in the mid 80’s. She was fixing her car in the garage, and the overhead door was only open a few inches. She may not have intended to cross herself over, but perhaps meant to just go part way to attract attention, and it got out of hand. (She told this to her younger sister…..Sheri…… in a vivid dream shortly after her crossing, but that story comes later.)
    She was quite an artist, and I put her favorite painting in her casket. (I add these details, because they have meaning later.)

    Jump to October…..year 2000. Watched a show on TV….a guy who talks to dead people. Yeah…right. Right where it belongs…on Sci Fi. Two months later, I was baffled, because I could not figure out how he was doing it. So I started reading a lot of books, began meditation, bought JE tapes, went to many other sites, found Pam’s site, etc. Kept watching CO….got hooked. Trying to put everything together. The incentive? Wouldn’t it be nice to communicate with Laurie?

    Well…there are too many details on that, but it appeared that I was getting her attention. Here is just one story:

    Journal Entry: Saturday, August 4, 2001

    I had this past week off, and did some meditations in the morning Wednesday and Thursday. During one of them, I decided to ask for another sign from Laurie. So this time I asked for her name to come to me loud and clear…and in an unusual situation….and spelled L-A-U-R-I-E (most are spelled Lori or Lorie).

    Now….I do not go looking for the signs……I just figure they will come unexpectedly.

    That very night, watching Beyond Chance from a tape, there was a Lori mentioned. I scrolled back to see how it was spelled. But it was Lori. So that was not the sign. I was looking for the correct spelling. Besides, it was not “unusual” enough.

    But on Saturday, Buron (the other pilot) and I had to take the Learjet to Houston for maintenance and fly back to Dallas on Southwest Airlines. There were two agents at the desk. Buron went to the girl, who was doing a crossword puzzle. (Light traveling night, obviously) While Buron was buying the tickets, I started working on her puzzle. After the purchase, she came back to the puzzle and all three of us were working on it for about 20 minutes. She had long hair, which covered her name tag, and she was very nice and friendly.

    She went to help another customer, then came back to the puzzle……..but now I could see her name tag……LAURIE !!!! I said “I have a daughter named Laurie, and it is spelled just like your name.”

    She replied “Yes….it is not usually spelled this way……but the real test is….what is her middle name?” I told her it was Laurie Ann. She said “Yep….that is my name……Laurie Ann”

    Well….whatever signs I asked for in the meditations concerning Laurie …..they kept coming, to the extent that I could no longer consider them “coincidences”. So…what was the next step? I decided that I needed to see a medium. Obviously, I am not going to wait 25 years for John Edward, and you can’t go to the yellow pages, so I checked around many sites, and someone from (Suzane’s Web Site) gave me the name of a referred medium in Arlington, Texas….about one hour from Dallas. As you can imagine, I was VERY skeptical. It was $70 for a session.

    (I would like you to know that ….basically….I am a very skeptical person anyway…..especially being a pilot. But…something kept telling me to keep going……that there is more and more coming. I really do not know what it was, but it certainly was a strong feeling.)

    October 3, 2001:: I will only sum up the medium visit here….with the most important details. It was taped, and I have the copies. But it wasn’t long before I was convinced that Laurie….as well as a few others that had crossed……came through. Here is one thing she said…..the following is right off the tape. (My wife was there also, and relatives came through for her, too…..accurate readings.)

    Medium: Bob….why is October important?

    Bob: My daughter’s birthday was yesterday, October 2.

    Medium: She’s (Laurie) thanking you for continuing to celebrate her life. She is glad you haven’t forgotten about her. That you celebrate her life and not dwell on the events leading to her passing. She says you talk to her regularly. She likes flying with you. She flies with you regularly. She says she is an angel on your wings (like a guardian angel on your wings). She thanks you Bob for the things buried with her. Bob…she says you put something in her casket. She saw that and thanks you for that.

    Well..there was a lot more that was said to confirm Laurie’s visit. Too long for here.

    But ….now here is where it gets VERY interesting……..the medium told me something that Laurie said, and the only one who could possibly verify it would be my younger daughter, Sheri. Now folks….I am NOT going to call my daughter and tell her that I am into the afterlife and John Edward. I hardly ever talk to her anyway….not as much as I should. And surely she would think I was a weirdo, right? (She is in Tyler, Tx …two hours from Dallas)

    Well….two days later, I just had to find out if this info was right, so I called my daughter Sheri. I said… “Now Sheri….don’t ask why I am asking this, just tell me.” She said “I am not going to tell you unless you tell me why you are asking.”

    So….I reluctantly told her about the medium, and watching John Edward, and I told her that I think it is possible to communicate with Laurie. And that is when she said to me… “Dad…sit down…this phone call is gonna take a few hours.”

    She told me that …in very vivid dreams….Laurie had visited her several times, and they had chats. She said the dreams were so vivid, that she could remember every detail, long after she was awake. Then she told me about having OBE’s, and not knowing what they were. Her doctor didn’t know either, and finally a co-worker friend told her to read a George Anderson book, and that answered all her questions.

    Since then, Sheri and I talk often, and she comes up to see me a lot of weekends now, and we are closer than we have ever been. She now watches CO, and read JE’s books.

    There is no question in my mind that….Laurie, from the afterlife, put this together.

    Now Pam… tell ME how much watching JE affected my life. And this is just ONE story. There are many, many more. (Like meeting Larry…which I have related here before….and more…..)

    All of this because I tried to prove John was a fake. Hmmmm


    What a wonderful and inspiring story, Bob. You’ve been blessed.


    Yes, cbob, you have been blessed.

    Originally posted by cbob
    But…something kept telling me to keep going……that there is more and more coming. I really do not know what it was, but it certainly was a strong feeling.

    You’ve also been “nudged” by The Other Side! Thanks for sharing your story.



    Thanks, CBob, for sharing such an intensely personal story. I meant to mention at one time here, that I felt that men appear to find it difficult to accept the concept. I applaud you for not only accepting, but sharing these beautiful events. :)


    Your experiences that you share here touch my heart deeply. If you ever write a book, please let us know. You have much to share and I think we all appreciate you’re telling them, I know I did.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I am glad for your awareness to reconize she is still with you.


    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story with us. I agree, you definitely have been blessed.

    Blessings to you and your family,


    Thank you all !! And also those who sent me emails…..

    The main reason I wanted to write this is because a couple folks here posted about recent suicides, and they are wondering what happened to the people who crossed themselves over.

    Well….they are just fine. Perhaps they have a bit of spiritual progress to go through, but they are still in the same place as the rest of us. The medium said, in fact, that Laurie was met by my father, who passed long before Laurie was born.

    I have another neat “aftermath” story if you want…..because it involves Sheri, who went to the same medium a month later. And I told Sheri NOT to tell the medium who she was.


    Originally posted by cbob
    I have another neat “aftermath” story if you want…..because it involves Sheri, who went to the same medium a month later. And I told Sheri NOT to tell the medium who she was.

    Are you kidding? Of course we want to hear it!!!!


    Now you aren’t going to believe this either, so hang on.

    Sheri just called me as I was writing the “aftermath” story, and asked what I was doing. I told her I was posting to this site. She gave me some more details about the story I am about to write, and wanted the site address… she will be coming in here soon….maybe when she gets home tonight. Probably as “Sheri”…but who knows.

    She has not called me from work in ages.

    Story coming in a bit… to include Sheri’s details now.


    Continuing to be amazed at the energy and love put forth by the other side to get messages to their loved ones. This is all happening for a reason, and Laurie (with a little help) is working overtime to put it all together.

    I’m sure she’s more than pleased with how you and Sheri have drawn closer together because of all this.


    Sheri set up an appointment with the same medium for January 5, 2002, and did not tell the medium who she was. I won’t go into the reading much, but it was also taped, and quite positive….many hits. But here is the best part of the story.

    Sheri is a CPA working for a hospital in Tyler. She has a co-worker friend …..a neat little African-American lady with a great personality, named Vicki. Vicki had a daughter named Jessica, who crossed over from an auto accident earlier in the year.
    Jessica was going to a “Fish the Planet” meeting……a religious function in the community center, when she was killed.

    During the reading with Sheri, the medium kept getting interrupted by a spirit who did not seem to fit in our family. Finally, the medium asked Sheri if she had any friends with a relative that crossed. Sheri told her about Vicki and Jessica. The medium said the spirit acknowledged that she was related to Vicki, and to say hello to her mother and Meagan.

    When Sheri got back to work, she told Vicky about the medium reading, and that her daughter Jessica came through and said hi to you and Meagan. Vicki said “I don’t know any Meagan associated with Jessica, or any other Meagan.”

    The next month, at another Fish the Planet meeting, Vicki was there, and a girl got up and dedicated a few lines to her friend Jessica, who died coming to the last meeting.

    After the program, Vicki went over to the girl and asked “Did you know her well?”

    The girl said “She and I were school friends, and we shared lockers together. In fact, when they came for Jessica’s belongings, they took mine, and I had to go get them back.”

    Vicki asked “Who are you?” She said “My name is Meagan.”


    Well, CBob, having had this strong a pull to make sure things are as they seem only makes all of it more real.

    I am constantly amazed at the never ending effort from the other side to pull families together. It is so special. CAV means so much more to those families that really needed to see each other from a different view point.

    I am not only happy for you I applaud your willingness to share your experiences to help comfort others that really need it.




    Thanks to all you guys for listening. I had already posted the story of Larry H…..whom I met on a layover. He died for 20 minutes (NDE) and got up from the morgue and walked off. Boy…does HE have the stories.

    Also, I previously posted the story of Bill S….a skeptic whose wife’s mother called his cell phone 5 times on the day of her funeral. I even have a lot more stories than these, but I posted enough.

    Just want you all to know.if you have ANY doubts at all about the afterlife or the abilities of JE, get rid of them. Just like John says, they are there and they watch us.


    hi again bob,
    i loovvveeddd those stories. where can i find the larry story? i have to hear this! keep ’em coming.


    Your story was absolutely fascinating!! WOW!! I’m at a loss for words. Thanks so much for sharing !!!

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