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    You are too funny!



    Thanks for nice post Sassy.

    RE::Seminole::i got so excited and said my dad says hi to me. of course everyone then looked at me like i had lost my mind.

    No problem….remember the un-official motto here…. “we live in our own little world….but that’s ok….we have a lot of friends here.”


    Thank God!



    Bob, loved the poem I’ll have to put it somewhere for hubby.
    Here is my story. Hubby is losing his skeptisism.
    If the weather is nice hubby walks up to get the paper. He has been doing pretty good at the “finding money” Once he found a $20 bill. Well anyway , on his way to get the paper he realized he hadn’t found any pennies on his walk lately. He no sooner thought of it he looked down and found a penny. A couple of feet further he found another penny. So he said to his mom ” if this is a sign let me find another” He did. Then he asked if the hearing would turn out favorable to let him find another coin. He found a nickle and a dime. He came home and told me. (I’m not a skeptic:o ) Well the good news I posted. He did get a favorable decision. ( Thanks folks:thumbsup: )



    I’m seeing quarters everywhere!!!

    cbob: Here’s a link for you into the main areas of Spirit Discovery.


    Hooray Sandy! A favorable hearing is perfect. Hugs all around.

    I am very happy for all of you,



    Originally posted by sharon1
    I know Pam’s always there because whenever I say something really stupid, I find out almost immediately and feel so embarrassed. She’s so nice about it but I feel like Pam’s own personal loose cannon. I wonder is there’s an avatar for that. [/B]

    Boy sweetie: you got that right. I love your idea about a loose cannon for an avatar. I could probably use handcuffs to keep my hands shut! It’s kinda good to know that someone else feels as I do. Only difference is, I jabber a lot more than you do!

    Jeannie (Pudgybuyster)


    Hey Sandy, Congratulations on the hearing. It was mentioned in the chat room tonight, but I didn’t pick up on it until I read this thread. Slow on the uptake as usual. I think it’s a Wyoming thing.

    Your poem was great Bob, and your stories generate the greatest discussion. Thanks, and glad to be a part.


    Hi everyone:)
    Been too busy to read the board thoroughly until just now. Sandy, last nite we chatted a bit, but because I (as usual) jumped in too soon, I didn’t have a chance to know about the hearing — congratulations!

    And thanks to everyone who chatted with me last nite. I certainly enjoyed it.

    cbob — now you are a poet too? c’mon — there must be SOMETHING you don’t do. (I trust flying an airplane doesn’t fall into that category:P )

    Again, thanks to everyone for making this such a wonderful, safe place to be. Actually, I have a deceased husband story too — it happened 11 years ago, two weeks after he died.

    When my kids were very small, we always used to argue about winning those stupid stuffed toys at amusement parks. Marty used to spend more money than he had with him and wound up empty handed every time. Of course, kids being kids, lost their minds and whined, cried and complained all the way home. Well, he died on June 11th and on the fourth of July the kids and I went with some friends to our local celebration. Being that it was so very soon after he died, I pretty much lost it and went somewhere private to cry so they didn’t see me. When I had gotten back, both my kids had HUGE stuffed toys in their arms. I queried — how did that happen? My friend said someone gave Kristen a quarter and she tried it for the heck of it and won first time. As for my son — he used his own quarter but got his first time around too. I looked up and thanked their dad. I’m sure it was him:angel: :


    Thanks, Terry, Sharon, Charge, Gail, Kristenr, seminole, and sassy for the nice posts. Glad you liked the poem.

    Being here on Laurie’s thread, I guess that would make me the thread’s Poet Laurie-et. ((groan))

    Laurie had to grow up being subjected to all my corny stuff….and I know she is up there still laughing at it. (Or rolling her eyes, lol)

    Hey guys…….lets make a poem for Pam and the Friends site !!


    RE:::I looked up and thanked their dad. I’m sure it was him

    I know how you think this, because this kind of event happens a lot to us, and it has got to be more than coincidence. When I first asked (in meditations) for signs from Laurie….they came in pretty steady and with no doubt it was a real answer. I haven’t posted a lot of these little “coincidences”, but they were a lot like your story.


    Wow….I came upon this site late last night. This morning as I was looking thru I found a thread rated 5 stars. Of course I had to come and have a look. I’ve been reading everything here. You folks are amazing! I can’t keep track of all the names. But cbob your stories are fabulous. I’m with everyone else, you should write a book! The world needs to hear what you have experienced. You don’t have to be so descriptive when telling about crawling on your hands and knees down a darkened hallway armed in your underwear. LOL what a picture.

    But seriously your daughter Laurie must be an amazing girl. And Sheri too for what she has experienced. Sure wish she had time to post her story. For all the amazing things that I have read this morning, this thread should have gotten a 10 star rating. (Can you do that? Just click twice maybe?)

    You people are so funny and kind and warm hearted. I’m so happy to have found this place. I too have a story. Golly that’s a lie I have oodles of stories. And I will post them I promise. But mostly I just had to say Thank You. Sometimes listening or in this case reading is just as important as sharing your stories. There is so much comfort in this site and in these threads. I love how dilligent you are to want to communicate with the other side. I haven’t read any of JE’s books or listened to his tapes. But that is on my to-do list. And to read of other peoples amazing encounters sure is good for the soul.

    I applaud you all for your courage to share with strangers things that are so close to your hearts. Losing loved ones is incredibly hard. And in my journey I have written poems, read books, done alot of soul searching and praying to get the answers I needed. I even have a book on how to meet my spirit guide. But so far no luck. I like cbob’s idea. George is a good name. Somebody needs a sense of humour in all this, even if it is corny. And I love corny humour. Between my dad and my husband I don’t know who is worse?

    God Bless You All!


    Glad you liked the stories…..there are lots of good things here.

    Hang around !!


    I guess since nothing much is happening right now, I will share one of my stories with you. In 1996 I lost my step father and my aunt. And my ex husband’s grandmother was dying. There was alot of unfinished business between myself and these people. I was experiencing alot of heartache at dealing with these losses. And I cried alot. I did alot of praying as well. And every night I would cry myself to sleep. I prayed fervently and begged God for answers. And as night after night went by and I was still so sad I got angry with God. I couldn’t believe that after all these years of praying I was getting no repsonse. I told him I thought it was cruel for him to make me wait so long for an answer. I wouldn’t treat a friend in such a fashion! Finally after what seemed like an eternity I got a revelation. One night as I went to bed and while laying there praying and crying I heard a voice inside my head. It didn’t come thru my ears. And it was loud. And unbelievably forceful. The voice said “Nothing dies………NOTHING DIES!!!”

    The instant that I felt and heard those words I knew it to be true. It was amazing. I never felt so compelled to believe anything so strongly. I knew those words had come from either my spirit guide or God himself. At the second that the thougth was in my head, I could see that it wasn’t just people, but plants, animals. Everything in nature was refered to in those 2 words. It was stressed to me, nothing dies! From that moment on I have known, that what dies before us, merely changes form and moves on.

    It is so hard to explain how it all made sense. And that was long before I ever heard of John Edward or Crossing Over. It gave me a much needed sense of peace. And if everyone could feel what I felt that night, they would know that it is a huge waste of time to fear death. It changed my whole entire line of thinking. I became much more spiritual. My husband who had put up with my depression was very happy with the change in me. Since then, I have mourned for people, but not so desparately as before. I know they are fine and its the people left behind who are suffering the most.

    Later that year when Bessie, my ex husband’s grandmother passed away I was so sad. I cried and cried alone in my bedroom, that I didn’t get to say goodbye. And unexpectedly I felt her standing behind me. I could feel her saying “What are you crying for……I’m happy”. I stopped crying then. And I have never been able to cry for her again. She always knew that I loved her, even though I wasn’t part of that family anymore. And she made it plain to me, with just a feeling, that crying for her was just silly. Just like Bessie would have reacted.

    Since then I have gathered strength from the fact that nothing really dies. And when JE and CO came on, it validated what I already knew.

    Sorry this is so long……..Thanks for letting me share
    God Bless


    Thank YOU for sharing your story with us. How wonderful for you to realize that message in that way.

    God Bless You,

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