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    Neat story Paulinesgirl….. your experience sounds a lot like Patty Davis’ story… is an excerpt…..

    From Parade Magazine, July 28, 2002

    The daughter of Ronald Reagan finds comfort in the lessons he taught her as a child.

    Recently, a friend of my mother’s died. I felt again, as I do often, how wide my father’s absence is. He was the wise sage when it came to matters of life and death…. I told my mother what I believe he’d say if he could ___that her friend is gone from this world, but not out of reach.

    “If you’re really still,” I told my mother, “you’ll hear her whispering to you.” That’s what my father used to say to me_____ when beloved pets died, when a tragic accident claimed my friend. Be quiet and listen, and you’ll know that no one is really gone.

    The older I get, the more I see that life is a series of circles. You travel in an arc, a curve ___away from parents, from childhood, from all that once anchored you. You sail off because you have to___ searching for new worlds, certain that the Holy Grail can be found on another continent, across another sea.
    But, like all the sailors who went before, you discover anew how round, how connected, the world really is.

    “Remember when Dad took me into that field at the ranch after the fire?” I asked my mother. He showed me how small green shoots of grass ___emblems of a new life ___
    were pushing up through the ashes. “See?” he said. “Nothing really dies. It all comes back around.”


    Thank you Kristen and cbob. It actually is like Patty’s story. That was the feeling I got. Even plants don’t die. And God knows I’ve killed plenty of them! LOL. The more I learn the more I want to understand.

    We are here for lessons we need to learn. And without realizing it, we touch so many lives. It does make a difference. We make a difference. And in the end its the love that we leave behind.

    I know that my revelation that night, has changed how I percieve the world and the people I meet. It has helped me to realize how important prayer really is. And how important people are. Not one of us is insignifigant!
    God Bless


    I am new here and I want this message to go to cbob about his daughter Laurie ann. Laurie’s story totally touched me, maybe because my name also is Laurie ann and there are not too many Lauries out there, mostly Lori. I was wondering when she was born because I think maybe she might be close to my age. Please tell me more about her, I don’t know why but I would like to know. Like your daughter, I also like to draw and stuff like that..
    Thank for the wonderful story.



    I see that your email is open, so I will send you details there. Thank you for the nice post !!!


    Thank you all for these wonderful posts,I am finding it difficult to tear myself away from my pc.:D Ive always believed in the afterlife,but being human,I have had many doubts on occasion.Was it really only four weeks ago I first heard of John Edward,and only a few days ago I found this website.I now have a feeling of peace I thought was impossible to find,as I know now for sure I will see my parents, and all my friends and relatives who have passed,someday.John Edward has given millions of people faith and hope,I think that in itself is an answer to his critics.:)


    Hi cbob,

    PLEASE write a book!
    I want to place an order already. How many stories do you have?
    How do I get copies?

    Pretty please……



    LOL. Just a few more minor events. But the events are not in chronological order in that thread….I didn’t think it would be that popular.

    Maybe I will fine-tune the whole journal, and I can email it to you in the proper format.

    Thanks for the nice post



    Ohhhhh, please do!



    :star: Hi Bob
    Sure would like to read more about Laurie and your experiences with the medium. You definetly need to write a book. I know I would buy it.



    I am going to edit my journal this week, and will have it available soon.


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