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    Holy Smokes !! I feel like I am hogging the thread here.

    Seminole, this story may still be around the site somewhere, but I will now post it again. Sometimes I get lost in Pam’s site here, and have to get back out to find earth again. I will post it in two parts. But it really is interesting. Here goes.

    Journal entry: Monday, June 25-30, 2001 (Larry’s Story, Part 1)

    So… I am thinking….this meditation stuff is going to take some time for me to get the hang of it. I figured that in the meantime, I would sure like to talk to someone who actually died and came back (NDE). But I had no idea how to go about finding someone like that. So…..I threw that into the meditations, but as the days wore on, I gave up on it. I figured they weren’t listening to me. Maybe I am meditating wrong. Gotta go back to John’s tapes.

    Journal Entry: Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15……2001

    There are two of us Lear-Jet pilots for our company. We had a trip leaving Thursday for Lebanon, Missouri, where the boss bought some property. We were coming back Sunday at 6 pm.

    Now…Lebanon is a friendly little town, but not very much to do. So….being the one who gets the hotel rooms…… I booked the Sheraton in Springfield, one hour away. There’s a lot more to do there.

    Our plan was to land in Lebanon Thursday evening and drive to Springfield, then drive back Sunday afternoon at 3 pm to eat and check out the town and hotels at that time, to see if there was more to Lebanon than appeared.

    Thursday night, 6 pm

    Checking the weather in Dallas, it said Lebanon had clear skies and would remain clear all night. No problem. HOWEVER…… when we were 15 minutes from landing (8:15 pm), the ATC controller told us that Lebanon had “suddenly” been covered by clouds and the visibility was deteriorating rapidly.

    We tried an approach, which SHOULD have been a piece of cake, but the visibility was so low that we could not get in …and we tried twice…… and then we diverted to Springfield…….a few minutes away by air, and where the weather was fine.

    (The plot thickens.)

    We told the boss (Daniel) and his wife (Dana) that we would get them a room at our hotel and fly in the morning to Lebanon. Then we pilots would drive back to Springfield.

    Meanwhile, after landing in Springfield, Daniel invites us for dinner at Applebee’s, across from the Sheraton. Here he talks us into canceling the Springfield hotel and staying in Lebanon Friday and Saturday so he can show us his property.

    (Well….. sometimes it is wise to say yes, even when you don’t want to.)

    So… next day we flew to Lebanon and got rooms at the Hampton Inn.

    ( What this is doing is setting up some circumstances that would substantially affect the purpose of this story.)

    So, for the next two days, we take in Daniel’s new property and tour little ole Lebanon. On Sunday, the hotel was filling up for that day, so we were forced to check out at 1 pm. Well….we already toured the city, so that means we go eat and spend 3 hours at the FBO reading, watching TV, or doing crossword puzzles.

    Sitting around at the FBO: After reading a couple magazines, I decided to go and get my book Hello From Heaven, which is almost finished now. As I was coming back into the FBO, the gal who runs it on Sundays (Kathy) looked at me and said “Excuse me….what is that book about?”

    I said “Well…. ahem….uh…..ah…. it’s about near death experiences and after-life communications.” (I was a little hesitant, because most people think this is a little hokey.)

    She said “That’s what I thought. We have a pilot here in Lebanon, based at this FBO, named Larry H____, who died…… they even put him in the morgue for 20 minutes….and he shocked the entire hospital by getting up and walking off. He told me about the experiences he had while he was supposed to be dead. Is that what you are reading?”

    Well…I just about fell over. “Yes……can you call him for me?”

    And she did…and Larry was home, and we talked for over an hour. Absolutely fascinating ….. my first real contact with someone who had an NDE. He related the whole story…..the tunnel, the light, meeting his spirit guide, floating around above his body while they wheeled him to the morgue, etc …. everything exactly as it is explained in John Edward’s books. We made plans to meet again next week, as we were scheduled for another Lebanon trip from Friday noon till Sunday afternoon.

    Now….this whole story came about by a series of very unusual circumstances …..starting with a mysterious “sudden” cloud over Lebanon and ending with a lady who was curious about my book.

    (Hmmm…….was I being set up here ?)

    Had we stayed in Springfield, I would not have been reading that book at the FBO. And this was the FIRST time since working for the company that we had to divert to another airport.

    Coincidence? Maybe……but these “coincidences” seem to be piling up a little too regularly.


    Journal entry: Saturday, July 21…..Lebanon, Missouri

    Buron (the other pilot) and I went to Larry’s house for dinner and discussion. We met his wife and two lovely, very intelligent daughters…..12 and 14. (They even laughed at my jokes.) The whole family acted like we were all close friends and we knew each other forever. We felt very close to them immediately.

    After dinner, Larry told us his story. He died in the hospital after someone gave him a second drug which did not agree with the first drug they gave him. They tried the shock boards, and at this time, Larry was floating above them, trying to tell them that he was not dead. However…..they finally declared his body dead and put the sheet over him and wheeled him to the morgue.

    Meanwhile, after floating around in a confused state for several minutes, he was finally led through a long tunnel at a tremendously fast speed. At the end of the tunnel was the bright light, where Larry felt extremely safe and in a state of pure ecstasy and love. Here he felt the presence of his spiritual guide…Joshua….who told him in telepathic form that he must go back…..that his life on earth was not over yet, and he had much more to do. He protested that he did not want to go back, but Joshua explained that this was not a choice.

    Before he left, Joshua introduced him to the “universal knowledge” which included spiritual love and understanding, and gave him the gift of automatic writing. Joshua said he would stay in contact with him on earth through automatic writing and vivid dreams.

    Larry was then whisked back through the tunnel, and back into his body in the morgue.

    Larry said the staff was just stunned beyond words as they watched a person who was dead for 20 minutes just throw off the sheet and sit up.

    Now……..back at Larry’s house……….Larry brought out hundreds of pages of automatic writing, dating back 18 years. The writing was hard to understand at first, because there were no spaces or punctuation and none of the i’s were dotted and none of the t’s were crossed. But…it was readable once I got the hang of it. The gist of the writing was how to live a better life here on earth and much guidance for Larry’s future.

    Larry said that each person has a spirit guide, but most people do not know of it or do not care. He said that once you seek contact with the guides, you become open to their guidance, and that “coincidences” will happen to you often. (Like being in Lebanon instead of Springfield.) Larry added that our loved ones that crossed over can definitely take a part in our earthly lives, that they often watch us, that they CAN communicate with us through various means, and that they often can help us by way of the “coincidences”.

    I asked about the existence of God……and he said God was on a higher level than most spirits and angels, but God’s presence was everywhere. And that there is no such thing as religion………that whatever “religion” you are, you are going to the same place when you cross over. So it really doesn’t matter.

    He also talked of reincarnation………and that …under certain circumstances … are able to come back to earth as another human being. Some people MUST come back because they had not completed their purpose or lessons on earth during their previous life or lives. Most do not want to go back, because it is so peaceful and beautiful there. Joshua told Larry that this would probably be his last tour of duty on earth.

    What was Larry in the hospital for? Cancer. His next check-up at the doctor? Completely gone. Today, Larry jogs 8 miles several times a week, when he is not flying. He is 59.

    When Buron and I left Larry’s home, we were totally stunned at what we had encountered.


    By the way, Larry was a member of a fairly strict church (not to mention any names)………and when he brought up his experience of the NDE, they told him to never mention that again, or leave the church. He left the church, and found one that was more understanding.

    Sounds just like John, Suzane, and George Anderson, yes?


    cbob, thanks so much for sharing that!

    How in the world did I miss Larry’s story the first time around?? Where was I — under a rock somewhere?

    So, everything fell into place for you, you made your “connection”, it changed your life, and you have posted here. Now we, in turn, will benefit and will share your stories with our family and friends.

    The ripple effect – absolutely amazing.



    WOW that was too cool. thanks so much for telling. i tried to find the thread but could not so double thanks! more, more!!!


    Again I just have to say thank you for sharing your experiences. I just love to read about the details. It is amazing what those little “coincidences” really add up to be. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us so that we may grow from them.


    It is unbelievable to me that I can tell all my experiences … kinda like…. I have kept all this to myself, in my little journal, and others want to hear it. I am truly touched by your responses.

    I have posted here on occasion, but never really felt comfortable enough to say all this, but Pam has truly created a most wonderful place to express.

    The folks here on this site are truly the best.

    Thanks, Pam.

    Farmer Kathy


    Thanks so much for sharing your story of your two daughters. That is one of the best things about this site that we can all share with each other our stories (and no one thinks we are nuts:lwink: )




    I don’t have words to thank you enough for the intimate stories you have shared. The thing is…. it is so hard to put these “ethereal” experiences into just “words”. But you have done it so eloquently and succintly — we are blessed to have you here. God bless you – – what a kind and gentle soul you are. (And after trying to debunk our precious JE!:) ) Please, don’t quit — just keep those stories a’comin!



    ok bob, it seems i am not the only one who wants to hear more. can i hear the one about the mother calling her son on the day of her funeral?


    Sure….that is easy…I just copy from my journal……here…enjoy…

    Journal Entry: November 15, 2001

    Background info:

    Bill Sumrall is a good friend of mine who lives in Howe, Texas. We were old Braniff pilots together, and he retired when Braniff went bankrupt in 1989. We remained good friends, meeting on occasion and ….in the last 5 years… email and telephone.

    Bill and I always agreed on politics, but when it came to the “afterlife” …..Bill’s attitude was .”Bob, when your dead, you’re dead. There IS NO AFTERLIFE !!! There is no God !!”

    Well….Bill and I went back and forth on this for six months after I got into John Edward. I got him to watch JE a couple times, but then he said “This is a bunch of crap. He’s a fake. You gotta be naïve if you think dead people can communicate with us !”

    I kidded him a lot….saying “When I cross over, Bill, I am gonna come back and bugger your computer.” His answer was “Well….if something happens to ME PERSONALLY, then I’ll believe it.”

    During some of my meditations, I even asked “the boys” to visit Mister Bill. Jan….his wife…was not as much of a skeptic as Bill, but that didn’t phase Bill one bit.

    Now…..the day of reckoning. (Eh eh eh)

    This is his email on November 15 (and the follow-up on Dec 7, 2001):

    Received Thursday, November 15, 2001 From Bill Sum…

    Bob…don’t give me any crap, but Jan said I owe you….here goes:

    Jan’s mom died Oct. 31st. Buried in Miss. on 2 Nov. around 11AM. At 1PM, and for about 20 minutes, we were packing the car from motel room for trip home.

    Around 3PM and 100 miles down the road I look at the cellphone. It has one voice-mail message waiting. I picked up the phone and took the message…it was just music and not knowing how long some prankster might have the phone tied up, I hung up.

    At 5 PM the phone rang again with a voice-message. I picked up and it was the same message sent at the same time, 1:07 PM (while we were loading car). I let Jan listen and it was organ funeral music! It played for 2 minutes. At the conclusion the message was cleared from the phone.

    The next morning at 8AM the phone rang, it was the same voice-message recorded at 1:07PM previous day – which we had listened to twice and cleared the message each time. Then again at 5PM phone rang, same message which was again recorded at 1:07PM on the previous day.

    Since then there had been no more weird messages. Another oddity is that the ‘caller ID’ said the call was coming from my cellphone number, which would be impossible to call myself on my own cellphone.

    I re-read my phone manual 3 times and could never explain it. Jan said it was a message from her mom saying there was a hereafter! Another thing, there was no music at the funeral!


    Friday, December 7, 2001 email……Follow-up

    Received cellphone statement today. Not one of the 6 calls is listed!

    I wrote back “Of course not, Bill. They don’t go through our phone system, LOL.”

    Well……he has since “revised” his thinking, and is now open to the afterlife. As someone here said (sorry….forgot who) …..the more skeptic they are, the harder they fall.


    This is an amazing story, and I am so grateful that you posted it again.. as I am new here, and missed the first posting. I have read Johns books ( among many others.. and am a huge JE fan) and I am an avid believer…
    But there is something really special about sharing an experience like this… again.. many thanks.. :angel2:


    Bob, Thanks!
    I felt chills from my spine to the top of my head when I read about Sheri’s reading and what happened afterwards.

    Yes, Pam has created a great site here! The skeptics and cynics can complain all they want, but our beliefs and experiences won’t go away. This is a haven (Thanks Pam & moderators!!
    :wave: )! Who needs the bashing? We are all the lucky ones!

    Bob, have you thought of writing a book? Your skeptic background along with your experiences are very interesting.


    These stories couldn’t come at a better time for me. My mom is in the hospital. This morning my aunt called to say she was with her, & they were going to be taking her to Intensive Care. When I arrived there with a book (Hello from Heaven), she still hadn’t been transferred, & I spoke with a Resident who explained the procedure they were planning, in which they would insert a tube in her artery at her neck. “Sometimes, though, it causes a lung to collapse”. Then he began to tell me how that procedure was handled. (I have had 2 collapsed lungs, & KNOW how that is). I called her regular doctor, and told him she is 89, has almost no vision, very poor hearing, aeortic stenosis, spinal stenosis, pagets disease, and absolutely feared ever going to a nursing home, which they were going to send her since she can no longer move without assistance to get her up. I told them to forget ICU, to give her comfort with support measures. but no heroics, nothing invasive. I know its what she wanted, but its especially good to have this place to go for the support for me.
    :( :angel2:


    thank you bob! i agree, you should think of writing a book. these are so wonderful to read and even those who have heard them before enjoyed reading them again. you have a style that feels inspired from above to me. maybe we are the push you need to give these stories to others outside of our family!!!
    angelsmailroom we are all thinking of you and send our prayers.

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