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    when my mom was dying of cancer… there came a point when even the doctors admitted that there was nothing left for them to do.

    We told them to stop all tests and treatment ( they did not, but that is another story… ) And not to take to extraordinary measures. As we sat by her bedside while she left us..She looked at the place near the foot of her bed and said one of the few coherent words she had spoken in hours.. “papa”. Thsi is what she callled her grandfather, to whom she was very close.

    I felt very relieved to know that he was there to meet her, and help her along the way.. Sometimes , we have to make very tough decisions .. and I am sure that allowing your mom to cross in peace and dignity is a difficult .. but good one.. :angel2:

    My thoughts will be with you and your family..


    RE/ Seminole:::angelsmailroom we are all thinking of you and send our prayers.

    As am I, Angels.

    RE/ Rainay:::Bob, have you thought of writing a book?

    LOL….no, but maybe it would work. Thanks for the idea.

    RE/ Solana :::But there is something really special about sharing an experience like this… again.. many thanks..

    You are welcome, Solana….thanks for your reply.

    RE/ Pudgy::: what a kind and gentle soul you are. (And after trying to debunk our precious JE! ) Please, don’t quit — just keep those stories a’comin!

    LOL Pudgy…thanks. I have a lot more stories if you want….it’s easy now….already written in journal…LOL.

    RE/ Kathy::That is one of the best things about this site that we can all share with each other our stories (and no one thinks we are nuts )

    Yes. As someone said here before…We are in our own little world, but that’s ok….we have a lot of friends here.

    Also thanks to Angels, Pooh, Gail for the nice emails.



    I too understand the difficult decision you had to make. I was in your position several years ago as guardian for my grandmother. She unfortunately had to go into a nursing home and it was just as difficult for the family as it was for her. She suffered from Alzheimers.

    My heart goes out to you for your courage. We all share in your sadness. I get comfort from what I have learned from John. I know this will bring you healing as well.

    May peace be with you.


    You guys might like this….it is the FIRST time we feel that the “folks” had let us know they are hangin around.

    We are well into JE now, and starting medition. (Note: In the 5 years we have lived in this house, we never had any electrical or appliance quirks happen.) Only one rule here….no fair laughing too hard !!

    Journal Summary: February, 2001

    Well………reading these books is fine, and it has created a fascinating new “hobby” for us. But now comes the question…. how can we actually become involved in this?

    To be a really true believer…… I want these spirit folks to contact ME. I need some personal happenings or occurrences. Also…….where can I find someone to talk to who has actually had a near death experience? More and more questions came to my mind.

    Patty and I had many relatives and friends who had crossed over. My daughter Laurie was my top priority, but we decided not to be fussy.

    (I am also thinking………if John Edward can communicate with the dead … and he says that we all can do this……. what a challenge !!! Hey…..I want in !!!!)

    John Edward explains that we have to learn to meditate and bring our energy frequencies to a higher level. So I began to do meditation exercises from a few tips in one the books.

    Well….this meditation stuff is a lot harder that I thought. And it’s gonna take a lot longer than I thought. But…what the hell. Meditate a couple times a week should be enough. Patty and I began to “joke” about it at night after turning off the TV…….. “don’t forget to meditate while you are going to sleep and send these folks a phone call. Tell them to contact us.”

    (This sounds a little flippant, but we actually were starting to take this stuff seriously. Little did we know.)


    Journal Entry: Monday, March 5, 2001…..midnight …. close encounters of the first kind………

    We were in bed fast asleep. The house had been secured….including the burglar alarm. Our bedroom door was closed. Suddenly, Patty shot up in the bed and said “Someone is in our house !!!! Do you hear that?”

    I rose up and listened. The clock said 12:01. Sure enough, there was a very loud “hissing” sound coming from the main part of the house. OH GEEZ !! (I had been burglarized twice in the past, but I was not at home.) I got up and grabbed the loaded .38 I keep in the dresser drawer and headed toward the door. I peeked out….nothing. I told Patty to stay put. I crouched down, crawling in my underwear, and started to sneak out of the bedroom……pistol cocked. The sound appeared to be coming from the office, which is a fair distance away. I crawled toward the office, pistol aimed at the door.

    Lo and behold, the office TV had turned itself on at midnight ….. full blast ….on a channel that had no program !!! Now… can this TV turn itself on? It was 5 years old, and never did that before.

    We both just shook our heads and went back to bed. I said to Patty …. “Ya know? Those spirits must be laughing their butt off at me sneakin around like that.”

    The TV never did that again. Now you see why I think my spirit guide is George Burns?


    can you hear me laughing. man i tell you , you have to write that book! it should be easy, it sounds like most of it is already there and you have that intro stuff down. i think we need to rename this thread ‘bob’s stories from yonder place’. but seriously though yo have encouraged me to continue to learn this meditation business. i am feeling like you did in the beginning. this is really hard. i am a research scientist so i am used to very literal thinking and tangible facts so i am having a really tough time. however i am a believer so maybe i will get there!:laff: :laff2: :laugh3:


    i have a question that maybe i should post somewhere else but since we are on the subject…
    how do you recognize your spirit guide?


    RE:::how do you recognize your spirit guide?

    That still baffles me, seminole. I know they are there, but I never got a clue to mine. I even went so far as to ask Larry to ask HIS guide …Joshua…to do something, but no answer yet. Larry told me that he thinks sometimes they don’t want you to know. So I just call him George (Burns). If my guide doesn’t like that, he can tell me…LOL. I figure that if I tick him off enough, he will answer me. I think they laugh at me a lot.

    I have also tried to have an OBE, but I can’t get there either, although I can paralize my body, and sometimes it “vibrates”.

    My Aunt Arlene in Florida…about 80…..does know her guide, but she did it through hypnosis, or trance or something.

    Maybe Pam…or someone else here can comment on it????


    After Death Communications

    Hey seminole, now we are down in the lower pages where we can weave some other topics in, like spirit guides and stuff.

    But it would be a good idea to write what I did at the top. You see, if Pam sees we are deviating, she will split our nice thread we got going here. But she doesn’t usually read this far down, so if you put that up the top every so often, she will think we are still on ADC’s, and she won’t split the thread.


    heh-heh… you just wait…



    Cancel my last post, seminole. They’re on to us already.


    ahh, cbob, you’re a regular riot!

    But seriously…

    Seminole, do you have JE’s 6-tape set, which includes a discussion and meditation on “Meeting Your Guides”? Once you have the tapes, you can join the Study Group where there has been very much discussion on Guides.

    In the meantime, you can do a search for spirit guides in some of the other open forums.

    There’s lots to read and learn on THAT subject, so get comfortable. You’ll be here awhile. :lwink:


    thanks guys. ok back to the stories!! next…


    psst….cbob, that’s your cue…



    I forgot about this, as it is not in my journal, but I kept the email in my psychic file. It has more detail on the Bill Sum occurance.

    June 26, 2002

    Hey Bill….. I was adding some notes to my “afterlife journal” this morning, and re-read your story about the cell phone calls. Now I am curious again, and decided to ask you a few questions.

    Those calls……are there any other possibilities of how they were made to your phone? Are you “totally’ convinced they were a last good-by from Jan’s mother? You still a skeptic?

    Bob…Here’ what occurred:

    Her mom buried morning of 2 Nov. That afternoon while loading car and checking out of motel, we received a voice-mail at 1:07PM (we were loading and checking out from 1PM til 1:20PM). We weren’t in car and did not hear phone ring. Later, about 1:45 PM while driving home, I noticed that the voice-mail icon was on so I listened to it (it was the 1:07PM call we had missed). However, there was no talking, just organ music so I hung up right away thinking a wrong number or crank call. Few people have our cellphone number anyway. So at 1:49PM we called Jan’s cousin who was enroute back to Cary,NC, to ask if they made the ‘crank’ call. (the invoice says we called Cary, but that is their cellphone base). They didn’t answer so I left a voice-mail and asked if they had called. At 3:57PM they returned my call (on the invoice) and said they had not. For the next 2 days there is no record of an incoming call of any kind.
    At 5PM same day the phone rings. Says I have a voice-mail. It was organ music again. Since I did not listen to entire message the first time, I figured it was not automatically erased so handed phone to Jan and asked her to let the message run it’s course so we could erase it. Organ music played for 2 minutes, then quit. I thought I erased it but not positive.

    Day #2:
    Phone rang as we were having breakfast at 8AM. Said we had voice-mail. We listened. Same organ music, same length of time. This time I made sure I erased it. At 5PM, suppertime, phone rang, said we had voice-mail. Listened to same music, same length of time. Had read and re-read my cellphone manual and was erasing message correctly. So, erased it again.

    Day #3:
    At 7:15AM, again at breakfast, phone rang and said we had voice-mail. Listened to same as above again and erased again. At 5PM phone rang and said we had voice-mail. Same-o, same-o. Erased again.

    Day #4:
    Early morning, Jan came running in and said she just thought that it must be her mom trying to convey life after death. Her having said that, we have received no more such calls.

    In the meantime I would look at the caller ID on the phone to see who placed the call. Each time it had our own cellphone #. I told Jan, we’d catch the perpetrators when the phone bill arrived as it lists each incoming and outgoing call. There was no incoming calls at all for that period – nothing other than the 1 call from her cousin returning our call.

    Jan watches Crossing Over every day now, an I am still baffled, but I am not going to argue about it anymore. You have the advantage.


    You know guys….I think that Day#4….when he says “Early morning, Jan came running in and said she just thought that it must be her mom trying to convey life after death. Her having said that, we have received no more such calls.”

    That seems significant. When they got their point across, they went back to their spiritual duties, I guess.

    Just amazing.


    Journal Entry: Monday, June 18, 2001

    ( Background Info::: In our bedroom, there is a 35 inch TV on an etagere…across the room from the bed. Below the TV is a clock-radio with large red numbers. We never set an alarm…….and we always wake up at 6:20 to 6:30 in the morning. We just glance at that clock to confirm the time. We never used the radio feature.)

    At 11:35 pm: We were asleep. For some strange reason………we weren’t sure if it was a noise, or what…… but Patty and I raised our heads off the pillows at the same time and looked at the clock. It was blinking 1204. The blinking would normally mean that the electricity went off in the house, and came back on.

    So….we both got up and went into the main areas to see how much damage was done (meaning we had to re-program ALL the clocks….the coffee maker….. and check the computers). Well…. the computers said the electricity did NOT go off, and all the other clocks were working fine.

    I jumped back in bed, and Patty went over to re-set the clock. It is still dark in the room. Suddenly, some preacher in a very loud, booming voice filled the room with “Praise the Lord, Praise be to God!! ” And he kept repeating that.

    I said “Patty, turn that thing off !”

    She said “I hit the wrong button on the clock-radio, but I can’t find the shut off. Turn on the TV so I can see.” Meanwhile…the booming voice……..”Praise the Lord. Praise be to God !!”

    So…..using the men’s remote control (as in most households, there is no women’s remote), I turned on the TV. Well….it went on, but the tube was dark, there was static, and a green “8” was in the upper right corner. Now we got TV static, PLUS “Praise the Lord!!” And still no light for Patty. Got back out of bed and went over to the light switch, turned on the ceiling light. Now the TV would not shut off. Preacher was still preaching. Static still hissing. And Patty was sitting on the floor laughing. (Brain flash: Maybe we ought to forget this spirit stuff and try a NEW hobby.)

    I had to UNPLUG the clock and TV from the wall to shut them off. After plugging them back in, everything worked normal, and Patty set the clock. This had never happened before, and has not happened since.

    I could not see any possible way that the electricity could have gone off just to that socket. And it may not have gone off, but something surely spooked the clock and TV.

    Note: On my next meditation, I asked the folks if they could please do this stuff during daylight hours.

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