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    Sharon, that is funny. I think each of us have had our hands smacked at one time or another by Pam. We had to learn what we can post and what we can’t.

    Spirit Discovery is a little bit different in that it allows conversations that don’t exactly fit here. Probably why Spirit Discover was ‘discovered’ in the first place. It allows a much broader conversation – however, all conversations are respectful which makes both of these boards safe, comfortable and inviting places to be.

    Glad you are here and at Spirit Discovery. It is always a pleasure to read what others contribute.

    cbob: are you ready for cut and paste? Everyone of your contributions can fit into Spirit Discovery….




    Coming shortly, Rose and Sharon. Thanks !!


    RE:::Sharon:::whenever I say something really stupid, I find out almost immediately.

    Yeah…we’ve all been there and done that…LOL.

    In fact, here comes one now. I went to Spiritdiscovery, but couldn’t post, cause it kept saying all replys are closed. Are we supposed to register in?

    Maybe Pam won’t let me in until my jokes get better….:lwink:


    Hi Bob, yes you have to register there. Your first post becomes a #1 and if you have an avatar here, it doesn’t carry over from here to there.
    I reallly like the site. Gail


    Here is a cute story that was not in my journal, but you ladies will like it. When you see a penny or a nickel when going into a store, do you pick it up?? Men usually don’t (it is a male thing…like owning the clicker), but women often do.

    (3 years ago) Well…Patty always picked up the coins, and when she got home, she put them in a huge jar, and they were piling up pretty good. She was the luckiest finder…..always finding some on walks or going to the store. I asked her why she doesn’t go cash them in….maybe she can get a new Honda. She said she has her reasons, but she never told me. UNTIL……I got finished trashing Crossing Over, and started on my “can it really be true” quest.

    (1 1/2 years ago….John is pretty much through trashing ME)

    Once she saw my change of spiritual attitude, she told me the why of the coins. . She said the coins are pennies from Heaven, and a penny is my Daddy saying HI, a nickel is Uncle Jack, and now a dime is Mary Helen (she just crossed). I said “Who’s a quarter?” And she said “YOU’RE gonna be a quarter if you keep trashing the spirits and John Edward!!”

    Well…you know me….Mister Skeptic……but I could squeeze out an explanation from a spiritual approach. Is is possible that the folks could be “sub-conciously leading” us to these coins? I know they’re not throwing them down here. So, I just kinda went along with it (cause…as you guys know… can only go so far with this wife-hazing, cause if she ever gets to the word “FINE !!!” … are pretty much dead.)

    Well….on May 23, 2002, we were doing our exercise walk down an alley in our neighborhood, and there we came upon 9 pennies !! That was a record. As she was putting them in her jar, she asked “What is today’s date?” I said the 23rd. She said “Today is Daddy’s birthday !!”

    True story….I couldn’t even start to make this up. Anyway, this poem called “Pennies From Heaven” is floating around the internet (you know….the rotating pennies and nice poem about angels leaving the pennies for you). So…I changed the poem a bit, and made it for Patty.

    Pennies From Heaven

    (for Trish)

    When a Spirit misses you,

    they toss a penny down…

    Sometimes just to cheer you up,

    Or say they’re still around.

    A penny’s from my Daddy,

    And a nickel’s Uncle Jack…

    A dime is Mary Helen,

    And that’s how I keep track.

    I put them in a Spirit jar

    As soon as I get home….

    It makes me think about the folks

    I mention in this poem.

    So I don’t pass up that penny….

    When I’m going to the store
    Cause I know it’s from the Spirit of……

    Someone I knew before.

    (Note that I left out the quarter…LOL)


    I don’t know quite how to explain this, but Pam has also honored me more than anyone ever has in my entire life with something she posted in Spirit Discovery when she somehow mentioned John Edward (my hero) and me in the same sentence. For me there is no greater honor. I almost fell over. I wonder if she remembers. In my experiences with Pam, the scales are still completely tipped over in a positive direction. The embarrassment I joke about is so very minor compared to that. Her influence and her Spirit Discovery board truly helped to me become who I am now and it’s a beautiful thing. Pam’s amazing! :love:
    We’re waiting for you cbob. :jumper: Maybe we can have even more new Laurie stories there!


    man… you just keep ’em coming. that was the coolest!! i think we are all becoming a little jealous of patty. i will never pass a penny by now.


    Wonderful story! I love it. Thanks for sharing it.


    Bob, pennies were my first ADC after my husband died. I seldom found change on the ground before, he always did. Within a few days of his death I started finding them everywhere I went. Other people thought it was just coincidence but the number of them and frequency went way beyond that. I would look around my car for them when getting out…no pennies…come back and they were right alongside my door. They slowed down and stopped just as the frog sightings began. :D I guess “they” decided to be more creative.:)


    You guys made me realize that ever since my spiritdiscovery experience with Kate and hearing about her father leaving her pennies, I’ve been finding quarters everywhere. It’s very strange. Maybe I should go play the quarter slot machines… LOL.:D


    Sharon, your “guys” are a little more generous than mine were. :D. Mine only got up to dimes. A few $20 blowing by would have been nice. :)


    i have a story, i have a story:jumper: :jumper: :jumper:
    as soon as i read bob’s poem and posted my reply i had to go do a little work. well, i walked into a room and was speaking to one of my employees and turned around… there was a penny!! i got so excited and said my dad says hi to me. of course everyone then looked at me like i had lost my mind.:D


    Awwww, Seminole, that is great. Keep watching, maybe you will see more pennies coming your way.



    RE:::Gail::::Bob, pennies were my first ADC after my husband died. I seldom found change on the ground before, he always did. Within a few days of his death I started finding them everywhere I went. Other people thought it was just coincidence but the number of them and frequency went way beyond that.

    It seems to be that way. I hardly ever find coins, but Patty is always finding them everywhere….even in driveway alleys when we are exercise walking. Why they would be in the alleys still baffles me, but a lot of them are.

    I have a “theory” that the souls may be planting “directions” in our sub-conscious….sort of “leading” us to them. This could even be true as we walk through the parking spaces at the grocery store. Got me baffled though….I probably found coins 15 or 20 times in my lifetime……she finds them every time.

    Well….I am certainly not going to discredit it….the souls already kicked my butt for trying to trash JE.


    cbob thank you for your wonderful stories.

    Thank you for your wonderful since of humor. :lwink:

    See you at Spirit Discovery soon. :cool:

    Blessings to all,


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