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    Cancer: Wear your Heart on Your Sleeve…..Yep sure do

    How many Cancers does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, but his therapist has to talk him into it. Yes I ask advice from everyone about everything.:laff2:

    I am a good listener and have been told more than once during my life that I don’t feel sympathy for someone instead I empathize. This can be a wonderful trait or a curse. If I say I am going to do something for you, come heck or high water I will do it.

    I don’t hide my feelings. I let people know exactly how I feel, that is, if I can do it without hurting anyone or myself in the process. In fact, my family says, “No skeleton in our closest Mom tells all.”

    I have worked very hard over the years on my worst side. Being clinging, oversensitive, moody and smothering. The oversensitive part is harder because I’m forever comparing myself to someone better, brighter, prettier etc. etc. etc.

    Yep, my mind goes a million miles an hour and I go in all directions. I have good ideas. Start projects, get a bee in my bonnet and then take my bonnet off and stroll over to the next field.:redface3:

    Keeping in touch with people, even those who have hurt me. Definitely, yes. Still send them Birthday cards and Christmas Cards. Too funny.:laff2:

    I have had trouble with my digestive tract since I was a little girl and have suffered with seasonal allergies. Hasn’t been fun. And yes, I’ve always had to fight my weight. And just so you know, I am loosing the battle of the bulge.:D

    My friends and family tell me they love to come to my house because they feel at home. That has always been my objective for my home to be a haven, a safe place.

    I now have my very own room and love it. When the kids/grandkids come and I have to give it up for more than a week I become very, very, crabby.

    This is the first time I have been without a pet in years. When our fur baby died my husband said “I don’t want another dog”. I said, “I will not make that promise, I love puppy dogs and I will want another one someday.

    Intuitive and sensitive to change. Oh yes…trouble is when I knew we should invest in whatever, we didn’t have any money. Of course, I’m married to an Aries and getting him to take a chance, well that doesn’t happen. What is the old saying, “Too soon old, too late smart.” I tell you we would have been millionaires by now.

    Crabs hold onto everything with a tenacious grip. Well that doesn’t mean money cause I don’t have any. But things…Oh my, oh my, I’m a hoarder. But mostly of things that have sentimental value. It can be just rock one of my grandkids gave me. I’m here to tell you I won’t throw it away.

    And for the grand finale: I have a collection of turtles that you wouldn’t believe. Could it be because they are hard on the outside and soft on the inside? You think!



    Sun Sign – Libra

    How many Libras does it take to screw in a light bulb? Maybe one to do it, and one not to do it. :D

    I guess I’ll make a little checklist:

    Strives for harmony and balance? Sees everything from both sides? Appreciation for art and beauty? YES to all three.

    Active mind? YES, and a “noisy” one, too — lots of inner chatter :goofy:

    Indecisive? YES, often; even have trouble with large menus — too many choices, too many decisions to make. :o

    Needs to please others, often to their own detriment? Hides feelings in order to give appearance of balance? Lower back/kidney problems as a result of keeping things inside, avoiding discord? Great hosts of the zodiac, filling their homes with people? YES to all.

    Idealistic, and eager to talk and share experiences? YES and NO — Thought you might like that :lwink: I’d say that I’m eager to talk and share experiences with like-minded people and those that I know, but I am not very comfortable out in social settings, mingling with people I don’t know. I’m also pretty analytical and often skeptical, rather than idealistic — gotta weigh it out, ya know!

    Money as a means toward beauty and harmony? YES and NO — I do enjoy comfort and beauty (music, paintings, water, plants, trees, and flowers), finding it soothing to the senses and necessary for balance and centering. But I do also love my electronics, acquiring the latest in technical gear, and spending on other people, which could be seen as “investing in people.” ;)

    Social creature, friendly, popular, attractive, enjoys being with people and prefers not to be alone? NO

    Generates activity, especially good at starting things? Flirty, flighty, tests powers of atraction? Enjoys being the center of attention? NO to all.

    Leader? NO — I think I fall more into the “partner” category, using the knack for balance and harmony to help achieve goals. I usually play the support role, the 2nd fiddle, the back-up. Not big on center stage or limelight.

    Of course, this is all based on how we see ourselves, and not necessarily how others see us. I would guess that it’s all a matter of perception. :hmm:


    Hey Jude,

    I understand why I seem to connect with you, I have/had the following Libras in my life:

    My father
    My two sons
    My sister
    Two of my Grandchildren

    I’m surrounded by you,:laff2:


    Conty wrote:
    Hey Jude,

    I’m surrounded by you,:laff2:

    Then you and my husband have a lot in common — both my kids are Libras, too! :goofy: <--- my husband

    Amy Rose

    The first thing I did when I opened this book was check what it had to say about Scorpio’s :)

    How many Scorpio’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    None. They like dark.
    :laff2: True for me, I do like to use the computer in the dark, and i remember always being told that it would hurt my eyes. lol but at times i can be the extreme and use a lot of light because I can’t see. go figure lol

    “These people never give up”. One distinct quality about me is i NEVER give up.

    “Like all water signs, Scorps are more concerned with feelings than appearances and as a fixed sign, they’re often resistant to change.” This absolutely describes me!!!!!!

    “Scorps are constantly probing beneath the obvious face of things seeking what lies beneath.” Absolutely!! My roomie and I ALWAYS analyze everything and seek a deeper meaning—doesn’t surprise me she is a Scorpio too–born 4 days before me lol

    “Although scorps might know everyone else’s heart of hearts, they’ll seldom reveal their own. When they do, though, they share a depth of passion no other sign can.” how true… lol

    “Don’t forget that scorpio is a water sign, sometimes emotional, sometimes moody, always slow to committ but VERY loyal when they do.” yes this describes me lol

    “healthy scorps pay attention to their dreams, for both their informative and their imaginative power, they should pay attention to what they eat and drink as well.” once again fits me to a tee!!!!

    “But scorp’s most important health lesson is to let go-of repressed jealousy,anger and resentment.” ah how true

    “Power struggles…loyalty is very important to them.” once again yes….lol

    “When scorps are unhappy, though they head off to be alone, and heaven help if you disturb them! Scorps usually need and want time alone regularly to process their intense feelings. Without time alone it can be very hard for Scorps to maintain their sense of control. For this reason, scorps need their own hiding place at home, where no one else will bother them. this isnt just a corner in a room either, but an entire room that they can call their own. AMEN. lol

    Oh Maria I have a question. Before I mentioned about my roomie also being a Scorpio, who was born a few days before me. Is that probably the reason why we are so similiar and so compatible?? I never met anyone with as many similiar characteristics lol



    My Sun is Aquarius and I think we are:
    -open-minded and tolerant
    -may be stubborn about our ideas
    -inclined to forget about taking care of our health if busy
    -superb problem solvers if we are interested in the problem
    -not at all worried about what others think
    -connected to humanity but sometimes detached from real people
    and I haven’t ever actually read this, but I always get the idea that Aquarius is fairly unemotional.
    How I am different:
    1. I worry. I have gotten better with age, but it is still an “opportunity area”. I also worry alot about what other people think, so I don’t share too many of my “far-out” ideas with them.
    2. I am usually the most emotional person in any group (actually, probably every group). I can get really sentimental and I cry very easily. At the same time, I can be fairly Aquarian and detached (let’s just say I won’t be calling anyone everyday). But I will genuinely enjoy hearing from you when we do talk.
    3. While I will blow off exercise, dieting and eating right when busy (which you can see in my waistline), I take vitamins, have a skin care routine and put on make-up everyday (vanity, vanity!)
    4. Last but not least, I am intolerant of intolerance. So I don’t know if that counts or not…
    This was fun :D


    I have my sun in Gemini, my moon in Taurus and Capricorn rising. For the most part, I don’t think I fit the Gemini description. Here are the few Gemini parts that fit:

    Never miss a thing:their goal is to see everything.
    Need mental challenges to keep them stimulated, found in position with contact with people, quick thinker
    great communicators
    can run themselves to emotional exhaustion
    need to learn to breathe and relax

    All of the things from a “mutable” sign…being flexible, adaptable, never afraid to try something new…NOT me (but I’m getting better at it! having a child helped!)

    I believe the mental stimulation and communication piece comes more from my Mercury in Gemini (conjunct my Sun).

    How did I do?


    Here’s a question that shows how little I know about Astrology.

    I know your sun sign is determined by your date of birth. Mine is June 1st. On my chart the sun symbol is not in Gemini, but in the 2nd house, Taurus. Am I correct in thinking your sun sign and the actual location of the sun at the time of your birth are not the same.

    Hope I just made sense. :)

    PhilsGail wrote:
    …Am I correct in thinking your sun sign and the actual location of the sun at the time of your birth are not the same…

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong (and there’s EVERY chance of that!), but I believe that the “sun at the time of your birth” would be the actual time of day, so that be correct if you were born at 10pm, for example.

    Is that right? ;)


    You’re making sense to me … which might be a sad thing … :laff2:
    Where the sun is at the moment of your birth is your rising sign (that’s the sign on the cusp of the 1st house. I know Maria hasn’t gotten into this yet, but for me I’m a double Virgo. My sun sign is Virgo (born August 25) and my rising sign is Virgo (1st house cusp, also known, I think, as the ascendent).

    But Gail, I think that even though you’re not seeing your sun in Gemini, it actually is in Gemini even though Taurus is your second house and you physically see it in the second house, very rarely do the houses match up exactly with the signs.

    For example, on my chart, my 1st house is Virgo, but my sun is physically located in the 12th house because Virgo actually starts in my 12th house and crosses over (no pun intended) into my first house – with more Virgo “space” in the first house. But on my chart, if I look at the location of the sun, which is in the 12th house, physically, it is in Virgo as well and I know that because it has the sun symbol followed by 01

    maria V

    I have loved reading your posts on this thread! And I’m glad that some of you are beginning to participate in thought provoking astrological discussions.

    I think it is also helping you connect with your Sun (which represents your ego self, the personality…what you are trying to become in this lifetime) and it’s also helping everyone gain a real perspective of those with their Sun in the various signs.

    The parts of your Sun sign that do not resonate with you will be explained by the house position of your Sun (which will color the expression) as well as the aspects your Sun make to other planets in the birth chart (which we will not cover in this class but we will in the next if you’re interested). Aspects tell us about how we might be expressing the patterns of energy found in our horoscope.

    Now, I have to clarify something about the Sun and the Ascendant so please read the next post – thanks!

    maria V
    PhilsGail wrote:
    I’m a Gemini with my sun in Taurus and my moon in Virgo. Saturn is the only planet in my house. I skipped ahead in the book to check out the traits it assigns to Geminis.

    Hi Gail. I think you’re getting a bit confused by the house location of your planets and I want to clarify a couple of things for you (and anyone else who is unsure).

    In your horoscope, your Sun is in Gemini. Your Sun is NOT in Taurus but it is in the 2nd house, which is the house corresponding to the sign Taurus in the natural zodiac. What this means for you is that your Sun in Gemini will be colored by some Taurean qualities. But your Sun was in Gemini at the time of your birth.

    Now, your Moon is not in Virgo – it is in Libra (check your chart again and see the glyph for Libra right next to your Moon). However, your Moon is in the 6th house of your chart which is the house that naturally corresponds to Virgo. So again, your Libran Moon will be influenced by the house it lives in and so you can see some Virgo qualities perhaps expressed through your Moon. BUT your Moon is in Libra.

    And you have Aries rising in case you were wondering.

    And you’re correct – the planet Saturn is both in the sign Gemini in your chart AND in the 3rd house – the house naturally corresponding to the sign Gemini.

    Please let me know if you understand this now – it’s important.
    :hearts: Maria

    maria V

    Ok, Gail you said:

    “Am I correct in thinking your sun sign and the actual location of the sun at the time of your birth are not the same.”

    Jude, you responded:

    “I believe that the “sun at the time of your birth” would be the actual time of day, so that be correct if you were born at 10pm, for example.”

    Carolyn, you added:
    “Where the sun is at the moment of your birth is your rising sign”

    I am thrilled at the discussion and participation but I have to be the one who “teaches” so I need to help everyone understand something about the Sun and the Ascendant before this discussion creates any futher confusion. But I’m soooo glad you’re talking so please keep it up!:musicnote

    Ok, here is the deal about the Sun and the Ascendant. Remember that astrology is both an art and a science right? In fact there is a lot of math involved in astrology (but you don’t have to go there unless any of you want to go professional). The art of astrology is what everyone is interested in, but the basis of astrology does come from science and so now I am forced to give a little lesson on science. Here goes…

    “The Zodiac is a circle of space in the sky, containing the orbits of the planets. It may be imagined as a belt of space in the heavens in which the planets travel. It is also the Sun’s apparant path called the ecliptic. The zodiacal circle is divided into 12 parts; each part contains 30 degrees of space making a total of 360 degrees in the circle. These 12 divisions are known as the signs of the zodiac.

    The revolution of the earth around the Sun, complete in one year, causes the Sun to appear to travel through the Zodiac at the rate of one sign per month (approximately 1 degree per day) and its influences determine the seasons as well as the general nature and character of being born at that time.

    So the orbital revolutions of the earth determine individuality or, the Sun sign.

    So Gail, back to your question:
    “Am I correct in thinking your sun sign and the actual location of the sun at the time of your birth are not the same.”

    The Sun sign is not the actual location of the Sun at the time of birth, rather it is the location of the orbital revolution of the earth around the Sun.

    Now there also seems to be confusion about the Ascendant, or rising sign.
    Carolyn, you said:
    “Where the sun is at the moment of your birth is your rising sign”

    Again, this would be incorrect. The Sun remains stationary, it is the Earth and planets that revolve around the Sun remember?
    Here is what the rising sign, or Ascendant is:

    The Ascendant is determined by the Axial rotation of the Earth.

    A birth chart is divided into 12 houses. The 1st house is the space located just below the eastern angle of the chart – on the left hand side.
    From our perspective on Earth, we appear to be the ones stationary and it seems like the signs of the Zodiac are revolving around us from east to west. This appearance is due to the rotation of the earth from west to east. So, from “our earth perspective” which is where you were born,
    a new degree of the zodiac will appear to ascend above the eastern horizon every 4 minutes – a complete sign every 2 hours – and the whole zodiac in 24 hours.

    So the Ascendant, or rising sign is the degree and sign on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The Ascendant has nothing to do with the Sun – it is all about the axial rotation of the earth.

    The Sun sign is the sign of the zodiac in which the sun is located at the time of your birth.

    Now I know this is alot to take in and I don’t really want us to get too deep into the science and math of astrology at this point…it might turn you off.

    Here is all I want you to know about the Ascendant and Sun for now:

    The Sun sign represents your individuality. The inherent qualities, tendencies and latent powers or those inner qualities by which the individual knows himself.

    The Ascendant represents your personality and how others see you. It is the style or nature of expression that outwardly characterizes the person.

    Both the Sun and Ascendant have alot to do with your identity and personality. Maybe a good way to think of it is the Sun is “what I am” or “what I am learning to become” while the Ascendant is “what I seem to be” or “the mask I wear to the world”.

    The Sun and Ascendant DO NOT have to be in the same sign! Sometimes they are, but this depends on the time of birth.
    Boy was that a mouthful or what! :eek:

    Let me know if you’re not getting this okay folks. Just try not to get too caught up in the science and math right now or else it will intimidate you and I don’t want that to happen. This class emphasizes the art of astrology.

    P.S. If you want to know the truth, all of the math and science stuff gives me a headache! I only learned about it cause I had to – but if it weren’t for the invention of computers and software, I highly doubt I’d be an astrologer today. The math is tedious and boring in my opinion. It’s what the chart means that really interests me.

    maria V
    AmyRose03 wrote:
    Oh Maria I have a question. Before I mentioned about my roomie also being a Scorpio, who was born a few days before me. Is that probably the reason why we are so similiar and so compatible?? I never met anyone with as many similiar characteristics lol



    I’m so sorry, I got caught up in my other posts and I forgot to answer your question. I guess my head is in space…LOL:redface3:

    Anyway, you should find out your roomates birth information and go to a site called or a comparable one where you can print out free birth charts. Look to the menu tab on the top and then click “free horoscopes”. Then scroll down to the choice that says horoscope chart drawings and click on the one that says, chart drawing, ascendant.

    There is alot of other fun stuff you might want to play around with at this site to help in your learning. Experiment and see.
    In fact, everyone here might want to try doing this because by the end of the class you’re going to want to look at the charts of everyone you know!

    They won’t be as professional looking or neat as the ones I emailed you because I use professional software, but before my professional days, I lived at, printing out charts all the time.

    Now you say you and your friend are only a few days apart. This means that every planet in your chart will be in the same sign with the exception of the Ascendant,Moon and possibly Mercury and Venus. You will also have different house placements.

    You will find that anyone born around your birthdate and year will create a feeling of similar energy and understanding because alot of similar energy is imprinted on you. However, the manner in which you express this energy and your environmental life experiences will make you individual.

    It will be fun for you to see, as the class progresses, where the similarities between you and your friend end. That is why I suggest you print out her birth chart.

    Have fun!


    “The sun does not move …” My new mantra … you just opened a new door to understanding for me … I get it.

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