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    As Pam said to one of her cynic trolls who are haunting her on another board this past week – I’m rejuvenated.

    Nope, not going to deal with the cynics. Not going to even THINK about what their problems are and why they are what they are. It’s their problem, not mine, and I will not let them affect my behavior or thoughts one iota.

    You know how when you put a fan on low speed it turns around slow and you can still see the blades moving? It keeps turning round and round, moving the air, but if you throw pudding into the fan it will just get splashed on the fan and not really do much of anything except drip down the blades.

    Now turn up the speed on that fan. Make it real fast. It’s going so fast now that you can’t see each individual blade – it’s all a blurr. Buzzing and a humming so fast it’s vibrating and making a huge noise. But go and throw that pudding on the fan now. You know what happens don’t you? It’ll come right back at you because it’s energy level is too high for anything to stick to it. Anything you throw at it is deflected.

    Are you and your triggers the slow moving fan blades? Or are you going to ignore the energy suckers and create a shell out of your kicked up energy level?

    Don’t let the cynics feed on your energy. It takes energy for them to do what they do too. Use it to your benefit and don’t let them have the power. Keep it for yourself.

    Just a thought. My new strategy. Rise above their ignorance.

    The more you think about negativity the more it will be attracted to you. Don’t do it!

    Pam B

    Thank you VT, I enjoyed the visual – it really does help my brain. Well needed *hats off* :)


    I love that analogy. I give lots of credit to those willing to climb into the ring with skeptics/cynics on various talk boards, but I also
    have to sometimes go with the old song lyric “So let’s leave it alone, ’cause we can’t see eye to eye”



    I did love your reply about the Salon article. Good job. Nothing wrong with getting angry. It’s staying there for a long time and dwelling on things that get people stuck in unproductive cycles. You are a great writer and keep up the good work.


    Great analogy! And there’s nothing like a seminar to put your fan into high gear, let me tell ya! Thanks, VT.


    I love the fan analogy too. Can I let you in on a little secret? That same reason of thought works in every day life too! ;) ….Hmmmm, Just thinking, there IS a reason why I go for my “stress” walks every day!! :)


    Stress walks after work, nah….all of us look for the bottle of wine stashed in the back room. Boy, did we need it today. Negative, negative, and it was a beautiful day out. I was stuck inside listening to the negatives. Sure is nice to get home and destress. White light here I come.


    GREAT analogy, I love that. Thank you so much. :)


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