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    I had a dream in May 2005 that I was struck with lightning. I was suspended in mid-air and can still feel the electric charge which felt like an eternity. It was an extremely vivid dream.

    My son, who is 13 yrs old, has LD and probably ADHD, also had a similar dream last month. He was all “charged” up and invigorated. Said it was really cool!

    I went to a shamanism workshop last weekend and the shaman spoke about bring struck by lightning. It is a form of initiation. When I told him about my experience, he said it is the same as being struck in “real” life. It supposedly rearranges your nervous system and “crystalizes” it.

    He also said that it can take several years to integrate the changes, unconsciously, into your life. He had been struck and it took him about 5 years to get the full effects – I believe he was referring to increased psychic abilities and power.

    I would love to hear from anyone that has had this happen and your experiences….


    Interesting stuff! I have to admit I don’t recall anyone reporting a similar circumstance as this over the years.


    Wow!! That is very interesting. I have never heard of such a thing. Do either of you have any special gifts that have come about since this episode?


    HI there I love lightening storms when my daughter was only about 4 we where walking out on a stormy day and she was thrilled when it started to strike but I havent actually dreamed of lightening.
    Have you ever seen the film Powder, this is a similar based experience happenning for the character in the film, this was amazing film.

    :hearts: love and light Dee


    Prescottnc2 – My experience was 1 1/2 yrs ago. That summer I started having the experience of waking up to someone calling my name. It’s happened about 8 times since. One of these experiences, the “voice” – which I call it – cleared it’s throat (strange, I know!) which woke me, and then said “channel”. Another type of initiation dream I had makes me think that I am opening up to clairaudience. Although I have not had experiences beyond this. I’m going with the flow. My son is very sensitive. I think that he’s probably not prepared to experience things yet (being 13) or fights it. I believe that he will develop in his own time…

    Angelfeather – I have not heard of that movie. I MUST see it! Thank you :wave:

    To all – Let’s hear about your amazing dreams!


    Hey Retromo,

    Not sure if you’ll get this message as i notice this thread is a little old
    After an interesting dream i had this morning i just had to google it to see if any one else has had a similar experience!
    Google search…dreaming of being struck by lightening. Well your post came up so i thought i would have a read, and subsequently share my recent dream;

    I walked from the bathroom straight onto the back deck via a door that doesn’t exist.
    After standing on the deck for just a few minutes, suddenly i became increasingly aware something very powerful was about to happen! Almost straight away there was an enormous cracking sound. I knew instantly that i was about to be struck by lightening. Within a few milliseconds there was a very bright white flash that engulfed the house. At this time i had an overwhelming presence that the lady next door was watching ( I’m sure she is an intuitive person). Then the energy from the lightening hit me, and then Kharn (my gorgeous dog who was in the bedroom), who i heard yelp in pain!
    Now being totally immersed in energy i fell to the ground on my side . All i see is pure white! I’m wondering if Kharn is okay but can’t move, i am now my thoughts and nothing else, with no physical body. At which time i started thinking maybe i have just been killed. You know the strangest thing, is that i was so at ease within this white light. The best way for me to describe it as love! My next thoughts were how can i check if i were dead? So i decided to try a rocking motion within my body, and nothing happened! It was like i was paralysed and my thoughts are no longer connected to my physical body. Thinking now, i must be dead, but will give it one more try.

    (All of this time in a strange detached way with no visual just a sense that the lady next door could see me lying on the deck, and she must have seen me being struck by the lightening).
    Putting as much energy in my thoughts as i could to produce a rocking motion into my body again, (thinking if this doesn’t work than i must be dead) so as i lay on my side on the third rock i woke up!
    After waking now feeling extremely strange/ exhausted, and convinced that i have just experienced what it is like to die! I lay there for a while thinking what now? Trying to rationalise what had just happened.

    I have been told by several people that i have the presence of healing so was interested in reading your experience, and the shamanist interpretation.
    My dreams are quite often vivid and can leave me feeling a little lost for up to a couple of days. Generally it’s quite a shock to wake out of a dream as in my dreams i’m awake!

    Love and Light
    David ;) Melbourne Australia

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