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    This is this week’s edition of John Holland’s weekly message. I really enjoy reading them and always get a nugget of inspiration. This morning I felt moved to share it with you. Who ever it is for – enjoy.:daisy:
    And – Thank you John for your wisdom.


    Your body has a way of sending you signals using its own intuitive language. Whether it’s a gut response, a physical sensation, an emotion, or even a dream – your body is
    talking to you!

    We generally don’t pay enough attention to it or heed the signals until something goes wrong. If you hear a ping, rattle, or whine in your car, hopefully you’ll be straight down to the nearest garage without hesitation, so all I am saying is to treat your body with the same respect. During the process of spiritual development, don’t push those physical sensations or your feelings away. Embrace them and listen to them. Often through meditation, you’ll be able to find the answer to what your body is trying to say – so just ask. You may not get anything at first, but it’s worth persevering, as it really does get easier with practice.

    As you develop your intuition, it can be an invaluable tool in so many ways. At some point during our lives, many of us will either change jobs, or find ourselves in an interview situation. We often find that we might be a little nervous, wondering whether we will make a good impression, but don’t forget … it’s a two-way street. Next time you find yourself in this situation, stop and ask your intuition what you’re feeling about the job, what you’re feeling about the potential employer. Ask yourself as you sit waiting: “Can I imagine myself walking through this reception into work each day?” The same goes when you’re buying a new house. We all know when we walk in somewhere, and it just feels right. This is your intuition saying: “You will be happy here!”

    This week, I want you to focus on your body during your meditation as it could be trying to talk to you. So, when you meditate, take a deep breath and give yourself a full body scan from your feet – right to the top of your head – and down again.

    Try and notice if there’s one area you focus on, or the breath takes you to a certain area. Notice if there’s any residual tension left over in a certain area, and if so try tensing and gently releasing the muscles around that area. It may be stubborn, so you may want to ask your body if that certain spot is holding onto a past memory or an emotion that needs to be released. There’s no need to rush. Try to notice the particular body part that needs more effort to relax. Take your time and spend a moment with that part of your body and let the healing relaxation begin to move through this area and onto the rest of the body. Take as much time as you need. Just notice what it feels like to be connected to your entire body. When you’re ready slowly open your eyes, begin to move your toes, legs, fingers, and arms.

    You and your body have just begun a new partnership with each other, a resourceful intuitive partnership that can grow and become stronger as you become more connected to each other.

    Have a SOUL filled week!


    Thanks for sharing Jeannie:wave:

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