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    Today is the feast of Guardian Angels. Do something nice for yours.

    I have recently been more and more drawn to the spiritual aspects of my life. Prayer has become an integral part of my day once more. Drawing from my convent experience, I remembered how wonderful it was to chant the Divine Office every day. So, I did a search to see if I could find where to by a book on the prayers. I did find that the terminology now is Liturgy of the Hours. The concept is that all over the world somewhere, someone is praying the same prayers. The book is largely a collection of Psalms.

    I found a website http://www.universalis.com/cgi-bin/display/
    that shows the prayers for each day. I find them a very beautiful reminder of the long history of man’s longing to know the eternal. Anyway, that’s where I found out about the Guardian Angels today.


    Naomi, thanks for the link to that excellent website. While there, I was interested in information on St. Francis of Assisi, since tomorrow is his feast day, and came upon this link:


    It’s another really great site loaded with information for those who need or want it.

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