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    I had meant to post this book to this list when I bought it several years ago. Found it today as I was unpacking yet another box of books! :banana:

    It’s by Captain Robert L. Snow (commander of the homicide branch of the Indianapolis Police Department), and it’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in past lives.

    From the back cover:

    In Looking for Carroll Beckwith, Robert Snow tells the true story of his search for his past, hints of which he discovers while under hypnosis. Haunted by the images he recounted, Snow sets out to prove them wrong, using the rational, just-the-facts techniques of a veteran police investigator. Instead, in an enthralling and surprising journey, he proves not only to himself but also to the entire world the amazing truth: that most every recollection he had while hypnotized actually happened – nearly 100 years earlier!


    I saw this on A&E this summer. Really good episode that included others who have experienced past life recall. I bet the book is even better!

    I believe in just about everything so this would not be an exception.
    I’ve heard that we can even access past lives (Akashic Records) through the dream state. If this is the case then I was a young male in 16th or 17th century China. I was being pursued and in my haste to elude my persecutors I dove into the Yangtze river only to realize I could not swim and summarily drowned.:(

    It was a very vivid dream and I remember being awed by the color and sheer volume of the river when I reached the bank. Weird….or maybe not that weird.:hmm:

    Anyway….what past life recalls have you had? Anyone?

    Good topic, Carolyn!:dance:


    Yes, I’ve heard that book is pretty good. I haven’t read it yet but it is on my “list”… ;)

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