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    Remembering that my journey and “initiation” into the metaphysical realm began with the death of my son, I think there may be a few of you on this board for the same reason. Grief catapults us into a search for that bigger picture and a reason that we can live with.

    Because I noticed a shortage of grief support groups that consider after death communication, mediumship, ETC. valid tools for healing, I found some like minded folks and we have ourselves a new organization.

    PLEASE stop by and visit our barely born org, log into the chat room (try it out before Ocallah and I’s chat on the 9th at 7pm EST) and register for our forum. Even if you’ve been there and done that, you have experiences to share with those who are only beginning their sojourn.

    The address is: and we’re open 24/7. Hope to see you soon….
    Expect Miracles,
    Sandy Goodman

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