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    The recent discussion about our silent members got me to thinking
    ( yes, I know :bomb: )…

    With all of our silent members in mind, I set up this poll. This way you can answer without posting, why you are here and why you’re so quiet about it ;)

    Take your best shot, and do so anonymously :D



    Cool post Tammy. Of course, all you “lurkers”, you could just jump in an post something, then you can skip the poll. ;)


    Tammy, my reason is none of the above. I am still “transforming” and I just need a lot of positive energy to get over my problems. So basically you are all (have been) helping me. Thank you, from all my heart. Love: Edit

    Pam B


    You’re welcome here, and if reading our conversations helps you just one hour, than all of our time spent here is time well spent, and we can sleep easier tonight.

    Thanks for sharing – take your time :)

    :wave: all lurkers are welcome :)


    Thank you so much, Pam. One hour???? I am completely addicted to you all. I check this site 20 times a day. I love feeling close to you all. I send my love to all of you.


    :wave: Nice to hear from you.

    Whenever the Spirit moves you jump in we are always glad to have another sweet soul to talk to.



    Hi Giga,
    That was so sweet…….I’m glad we’ve been helping you and hope to continue to do so.

    Welcome to our wonderful family and please feel free to post….we would love to get to know you better!



    Thank you everybody for the warm welcome, you are all in my heart even though I don’t talk much. Love: Edit


    :jumper: You need more choices on the silent members poll. Some of us are so busy that by the time we get here, we are too tired to post. Then there are those of us who are brats and spend time on other boards where they have narrow-minded people who love to argue about JE, and communicating with those who have crossed over. I get a kick out of driving people nutz, especially those who are so closed minded. By the time I am finished with classes, my kids, and daily chores, and posting elsewhere, my brain is too drained to respond to anything else. :D

    I do have lots of stories to tell, things that I have been waiting for years to discuss with open-minded people. Things that have changed my outlook on life. I love this site!


    Not silent, Tammy, just going through a lot of hard times right now. I would post about it, but I can’t seem to find the words to do so, nor do I want to bring others down. Have missed everyone though.

    Al, I read about Jodi coming through at the seminar and I’m really happy for you and your family. I knew she’d do it !



    Welcome Giga and Rainmother…Glad you’re here!


    I have to admit, I’ve been a little more shy lately than when I first started posting in January and February. Part of it is just a time thing – I haven’t had nearly as much time to come on here as I would like; so I have just enough time to read a couple of the newest posts (the ones that really catch my eye), but not really to reply. When I am lucky enough to have more time available, I just feel still like such a beginner at all of this, and like there’s so much more I can get by reading all of your posts than by posting myself (it’s a big self-confidence issue). :o

    Maybe this will be some motivation for me to start posting more, again…hopefully! ;)

    Hugs and love to all of you for your patience and understanding! You’re such a blessing in my life :angel:


    I’m not much of a talker unless I have something to contribute, so I tend to keep my mouth shut otherwise. Regardless, I check in with Friends at least twice a day because I do feel that I’m among just that — friends. It’s comforting to be a part of a gathering that accepts ADC without question and admires and appreciate John’s work. Plus I’m still in kindergarten when it comes to the development of my psychic ability, so you all are, as John says, teaching souls to me. So don’t mistake my silence for anything other than an inbred tendency to speak up only when I have something to say. Okay? :)

    Pam B

    Okay :thumbsup: (((( chassiewes )))) You’re not alone, according to our server reports, there are more lurkers (readers) than posters. You’re in good company :)


    Did you ever read something wrong? I mean, read something that just wasn’t there, & thought it said something else?

    I just cracked up, reading Pam’s first posts….. I thought she wrote “…. and we can sleep together tonight.”

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