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    I’ve had to call JE’s office a couple of times in regards to changing my address because of the number of times I’ve moved. So, in my cell phone address book, I have the number to the office under John Edward.

    Today, while at work my cell phone rang. Now, I’m not supposed to answer it, but I looked at the caller id and it said John Edward. :eek: Knock me over with a feather!! I pushed passed my co-worker and said that I HAD to take this call and ran outside. I answered it basically doing this:jumper: outside my room. Here it was John’s office calling me back after I had left a message saying that I needed to update their Evolve mailing list with my new address. I had totally forgotten that I called the office. :redface3: :redface3:

    Anyways, that was my excitement for the day. Oh and I thought you all would like to know…the new Evolve is currently at the Printers and should be back to the office within the next two weeks. Once they are back to the office, they will be mailed out right away. I was so excited about the phone call, that I forgot the nice woman’s name that called me. :o


    John has some of the nicest people you could know working for him.


    rofl Too Funny!!

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