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    Mary Jo McCabe’s
    Exercises for the Week

    Exercise 1:

    You can do this exercise with your eyes open by following your imagination. Imagine that you are holding a piece of construction paper. What is the color of the construction paper? The color of the paper symbolizes your attitude at this time.


    Dark color – You wallow too much in your regrets. Not only does this make you feel unhappy with you, it robs you of wanting to create new people and interests in your life. In order to change your attitude, work to focus on seeing something good in everyone and everything. There’s a message for you about you in all faces and all things. For just one day, focus on that truth.

    Light color – You have a hard time facing reality, seeing and accepting life as it truly is. You work so hard to keep your attitude positive and upbeat; you sometimes live in a dream world. This is why you keep asking yourself, “How did that happen?” Or, “I didn’t see that coming.” Know there’s nothing wrong in living life in an upbeat attitude; however, don’t become blind to reality. Work to hear what others tell you about them even if you don’t agree with them. There’s truth in all of life’s messages.

    Exercise 2: What you need from life.

    Imagine that you are given four different things you could become. You could become a waterfall, a large tree, a river, or a mountain. Which one of these four, would you want to become?


    Tree – You need freedom, flexibility, and for life to be more simplistic.

    Waterfall – You need structure, but you need the tools in order to help you build the foundation.

    Tower – You need a purpose. You feel lost.

    River – No more conflict, just someone or somewhere to escape in order for you to regroup and reenergize.

    Mountain – You want peace, safety, and no more obstacles or hurdles for you to overcome.

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