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    Many of you know that I recently moved into a much bigger apartment. So big in fact, I have all this room and nothing to do with it. Then it dawned on me…why not turn the extra room into a meditation room. Great!!

    Except…where do I start? :hmm:

    I was hoping anyone could throw out some ideas on ways to decorate said room or what I should put in there. It’s a rectangle shaped room with a small window (that doesn’t open) on the north side. Directly opposite of the window is the door into the room. Literally the window and door are in the middle. I can’t do anything about the carpet that is in the room, which is a deep dark brown color.

    One thing I did invest in was candles. I have plenty of those and they are of my favorite scents. So, that’s something I don’t need. Anything else I should be getting?? Any help would be appreciated.


    How fun is that! I am jealous! This is just a thought… one of my favorite meditations is on one of the John Edward audio CD’s “Developing your Psychic abilities”. He takes you through setting up your own “psychic room.”

    He walks you through setting it up in your own mind… what if you set up your meditation room similar to how YOU see it when he walks you through the guided meditation.

    It is one of my favorite meditations and when I go to my room… it makes me feel safe and comforted. I would love to be able to put that into a reality as well! It is just a thought…. :o


    Lori has an EXCELLENT point….while we can give you suggestions, it is YOUR room. I think her suggestion to make it like the room you envision during meditation would be ideal! If you can do it!! I’d never ever be able to put in my room physically what I have thought up in my head!!:laff2:

    Make it comfortable etc. Don’t forget something nice to sit or lay on that’s comfy! (unless you find the floor comfy – I don’t!!)

    Ever considered a feng shui book? I haven’t done this in my own home yet, but I’d like to think maybe I have intuitively. After doing the salt and the sage smudging and realizing how the flow and energy of the room is drastically different, feng shui is on my ‘to read’ pile. I think I have sort of the ideas just by how it ‘feels’ when arranging a room but I’d like to find out more. Plus my thought was that maybe it would help in communications during meditation. Maybe look into that.

    I’ve heard of people using water fountains or some type of water feature as well. (as for me the closest I’m getting is the automated cat water fountain!!)

    How exciting!! Have fun making your perfect spot!!:hearts:


    A bunch of nice big fluffy pillows, maybe a zen garden, I find that purples and reds are really good room colors. Wow that would be neat to have a room totally dedicated to meditation…I would also want things in the room that inspire me or make me happy.

    Pam B

    What a blessing! A whole room.

    How about sitting square in the middle of the room and doing John Edward’s “create your psychic room” meditation? Only, when you walk through the door, you imagine it’s this room. How does it look? What color is it? What’s the lighting? How does it feel? How does it smell? Maybe you can “meditate” the room’s design into being? :love:

    I would think that a CD player would be a must for music or guided meditations.

    I would personally add flowers –preferrably fresh if it can fit in the budget. White daisies are fairly inexpensive and you can add food coloring to the water to force “chakra” colors out of them.

    And getting a feng shui book is a great idea. You can get one from the library I’m sure.


    Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. :love: Looking at the room, I realize how blessed I am to have an extra room like that. The girl before me used the room as an “office” but it has no outlets and she had to have all her wires trail along the floor to the nearest outlet.

    The flowers are a wonderful idea, and so are the pillows. My “metaphysical” bookcase is also in the room with all my books on the wide range of subjects. Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything about color in there…with the dark brown carpeting. There’s a blue cast to the room thanks to the curtain covering the window. Blue is my favorite color and I know it’s the color of communication.

    Hmm…so many ideas….:hmm:

    Clasclar wrote:
    Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything about color in there…with the dark brown carpeting. There’s a blue cast to the room thanks to the curtain covering the window. Blue is my favorite color and I know it’s the color of communication.

    Since you can’t replace the carpet, maybe you can find a nice Oriental style rug to throw over the carpet, with blues and hints of brown?

    Pam B

    Good idea Jude!

    I also forgot to mention leaving out some smudge herbs to help cleanse and uplift the room’s energy such as sage, lavender and maybe even some frankinscense.


    :wave: Hi,

    Just wondering HOW the room turned out??



    Unfortunately, work during the months of July and August was pretty slow. Therefore, I wasn’t bringing in the money that I thought I was going to. So, it’s still the way I described it earlier. I’m hoping business picks up in the coming month, so I can go out and buy some stuff for the room. It’s still on my list todo. But I am using it for all my tarot readings I’ve been doing. It still doesn’t feel like “home” yet in that one room. So, hopefully I’ll get around to it.

    Thanks for asking about it:love:



    Meditation music playing in the background should be soothing. You can borrow CDs from your public library. Soft candle light, soft music, and pleasant aromas in the room are not expensive. They can be priceless in how they make you feel. :)


    I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately, I have to replace the carpeting/rug in the room because my kitty didn’t like her litterbox a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness the smell is gone. :) So, that’s really what I’m saving up my money for.

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