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    The New England Ghost Project and Angelologist Elizabeth Foley will be hosting Psychic Medium Gavin Cromwell for an evening of mediumship. Don’t miss out!

    Visit for ticket information.

    I had the pleasure of working with Gavin during an investigation with the NEGP. He had some very interesting stories to share. So I’m sure his presentation will be awesome!

    Enter the World of a Psychic Medium with Gavin Cromwell from the UK (7-9 pm) $40 in Nashua, NH
    Gavin Cromwell is a psychic medium who specializes in mediumship and visiting haunted locations. Gavin is a well grounded young man and his abilities are enriched for it. He sees the practical uses for his extraordinary gift and puts his own style on all things psychic, fundamental for success in this field. Gavin is inclusive with his talents, seeking to help others understand their own abilities through teaching and by example – although young in years his knowledge is that of some much older, making him an intriguing and interesting character to be around.

    His website is

    There is also something in the works for the New England area this summer with a former “Most Haunted” star! If you would like to hear more about that when the details are sorted out, sign up for the New England Ghost Project newsletter at

    Or send a Friend Request so you can receive bulletins from NEGP on MySpace:

    Paula Mae

    ooooo that looks like alot of fun!! Wish I could be there and the price is right thats for sure!!

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