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    :hearts: :musicnote :hearts:
    I am so happy for you….you just got past the biggest hurdle in all of this.

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: 5 claps for Pam B. :dance:

    We are all here to learn, and as I told you the first day we spoke in chat, your story to get to JE was inspiring. I’m glad you are open to exploring the metaphysical aspects instead of falling off that cliff!! Yikes!
    I’m not far ahead of you on that same path….reading more everyday. Everyone here is somewhere on that same path, and is here to learn from each other. JE’s message changed my life too, and opened up a new world. Glad you are finding more balance each day. :candle:



    Wow! Enjoyed this post. Isn’t it interesting how people have been drawn to this site?!?! Maybe initally people came here because of JE. But I think we were drawn here for other reasons. Dee


    I also REALLY enjoyed reading this post.I am so happy you found what you came here for “support”. The more and more I visit this site I am literally astounded @ the connection surrounding us all. And Messerlori as far as you hoping to give back something, well you already have. Reading your letters made so much sense for me. Their was alot of comfort in your words and I thank-you:clap:




    It sounds like you are feeling better about things these days, and I too am so happy for you!

    Hopefully John will personally read your letter, but even if not, I’m thrilled you are embracing the message of his work.:wave:

    :love: Dawn

    Pam B

    ((((( Lori )))))
    Thank for such kind words about me — you are so too kind. I’m sure you would have come to these conclusions on your own. Maybe we just helped you get there more quickly. :love: You are very, very welcome. It’s what we all do here – we discuss, share feelings and opinions and maybe provide a different point of view. Maybe sometimes we agree…and sometimes we don’t. The important thing is we all get to tell our stories :coffee:

    You’re not alone Lori, many of us were so deeply affected by these realizations about This Side, the Other Side, the Afterlife, etc. but you expressed this life changing “experience” very well.

    The “process” can definately transform one’s world view dramaticially. Change of any type (even superbly positive change) can knock us off kilter. Few people like change, and it can be really hard letting go of old perceptions that just don’t work any more :)

    :beer: To continued evolution, for us all :hearts:


    Thanks Pam! I could not have made it had I not found this wonderful group of people! I only hope that I can find a way to give back to others. :love: I have so much to learn that it is difficult to know where to begin. I am so anxious to contribute something back and don’t know what I can possibly do.

    I think first and foremost I need to finish JE’s Practical Praying and find a place local that shares the same ideas and thoughts. I also want to continue with meditation. That in itself is going to be enough to keep me going for a while. If anyone else has any suggestions I am all ears!

    Thanks again!


    Hey Lori,

    Was that you on John Hollands Spirit Connections on Monday?

    If so, you are one lucky girl.

    Getting to talk to John Holland and John Edward in less than a month, I’d say your mom was working overtime on her validations.

    It’s not easy to get to talk to either.

    Believer wrote:
    Was that you on John Hollands Spirit Connections on Monday? If so, you are one lucky girl. Getting to talk to John Holland and John Edward in less than a month, I’d say your mom was working overtime on her validations.

    Yes, it was. I know that I am very fortunate indeed! In addition to talking to the both of them I was also fortunate to speak with Lydia Clar the following day. She said some things that really made me think. The main thing was “Why are you still asking for validations after the experiences you have already had. You already know the answers.” She is right. :redface3:

    The one thing I have been told over and over about this is “have patience”. My guides have told me this at least three seperate times, Pam B. our wonderful moderator, has told me this over many late night discussions, and Lydia now… I guess some of us just need to be hit over the head before we get it… after all it took meeting John just to get this far in my thought processes…talk about being hit in the face with it!

    The synchronicities just keep coming! After one particularly long conversation with Pam B. regarding the path I have been started on…. a very meaningful message was sent to me. I have a book that is a daily devotional for women… the message for the day was ” Don’t outrun your headlights” It told a story someone who had just bought a motorcycle and was given that advice. It wasn’t until they got into the country at night and began to race through the darkness that they understood what it meant.
    The faster he went the less he could see. The light wasn’t illuminating the bends and turns in the road and only after slowing down could he let the light do its work and travel safely.

    My journey has been very similar to that! My guides have shown me the path and lit it with love and protection but I have to slow down so that I can see where I am going safely. They show me where I am and only hint at my destination. I came to the conclusion that each day is another mile in this journey and it is up to me to make sure I slow down so I can see where I came from, where I am now, and where I am going so that when I get there I will understand what this life’s lessons have been and that my intentions have been pure!

    Sorry for being long winded… ;)


    Lori, I’m glad that things are beginning to make sense and fall into place for you. :) The journey, itself, is so important, so beautiful, almost magical, that it would be a shame to miss out by trying to rush through it. Each step along the way is as important and fulfilling as the last.

    This new spiritual journey that you’re on is worth every minute — slow down and enjoy the ride!



    Don’t worry Lori,

    I know exactly what it’s like to want to know everything all at once.

    You’re definitely not alone on that one.

    My poor Guides must think I act like a 3 year old kid sometimes.:o


    Lori, you are a very eloquent writer and I am touched by the things you write. Love ya girl!


    Holy cow you sure have been busy. I must admit “I”M JEALOUS”:green: I would have loved to have seen you with John Holland. I still have never seen his show.. I am going to Toronto this weekend to see JE(first time)and I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited:dance: :banana:. So hey send me a little bit of of your energy this way K;).
    It’s really frustrating cuz I live in Ottawa and its just not easy getting access to his seminars let alone even his books (which I finally succeeded at). NO one here has even heard of the WE channel and most people have never heard of JE period! Another reason why I cherish this Site. So I made my own shirt in hopes that maybe there’s another Canadian in the crowd who is a member of Friends?Well Would love to chat with ya when I get back. Bye for now:wave: Leigh



    Spirit Connections is on Hay House Radio. You can access it on the internet.

    John Holland is just one of the many gifted people on there.

    The shows are archived so you can listen whenever you want.

    Just look for


    Thanks for the info Believer..I had no idea about Hayhouse Bye for now


    :redface3: Awwwww Shucks… thanks healergirl! :redface3: Who knows… maybe someday I will write a book about all of this! LOL

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