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    Hope you have a GREAT time this weekend….
    How cool you made your own shirt!!:hearts: I didn’t know about friends when I saw JE!

    And don’t worry, you’ll get your :cake1: even if you don’t get a reading!
    But we all know the messages will come through for those its supposed to.

    Have fun!! Be sure to post….if you take notes we can all share!!


    Messerlori wrote:
    Yes, it was. I know that I am very fortunate indeed! In addition to talking to the both of them I was also fortunate to speak with Lydia Clar the following day.

    Wow you are a very connected lady.:hearts:

    I know what you mean about wanting more and not seeing beyond the end of your nose. That is me as well, keep on searching and not seeming to find the answers. Kinda like a dog chasing their tail:eek:



    The past few weeks I have been reading and listening to a lot of spiritual and inspirational material. In Carolyn Myss’ Spiritual Madness, she talks about the Dark Night of the Soul…. the place you end up after experiencing God’s presence for the first time. It is not the calm before the storm but rather the chaos after.

    It is a place where you feel like you are losing control because all you want is answers and to calm the chaos… but then you realize that God is Divine Chaos and that the answers aren’t always what you expect. She also talks about how it is necessary that everyone experiences the Dark Night and that as we continue to grow in our spirituality that we will “relapse” and that we will have more than one Dark Night to go through over our life times. I guess what I am alluding to is that just when you think you have things figured out the carpet gets pulled right out from under you.

    I have also discovered that I am unusually sensitive after reading, seeing, or talking about this process of enlightenment… I get tearful… I get whiney… and SO emotional depending on the impact of whatever I have been studying. Needless to say I have met my dark night and then some!

    It is worse than having PMS! Do you think there is such a thing as spiritual PMS? :yikes: I know SPMS! Is there a pill for it? If not… Quick! Somebody market it! You would make a killing! LOL :D

    Any way… So last night… I am having a bout of SPMS… having my Dark Night relapse… and I allowed my mind to wonder again if I would ever have a chance to ask John about any of this. I asked my guides for some guidance and to show me a sign… (another thing I have learned about this guidance thing…. DON’T ASK UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT IT!)

    I got my sign…. The first email of the day was from a friend who very rarely forwards me stuff. It was a list entitled “The positive side of Life… and the first one on the list … the VERY first one said this: Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. I am always a little amazed at how the synchronicities seem to fall into place just when you need some enlightenment. :P

    I just love it!


    I can see why John took the time to speak to you personally.

    Every time you post I become more and more impressed with what you’ve learned and want to share with us.:hearts:


    Everytime I read your post I am amazed at how much we have in common. ” I find i will have these days where my head hurts so bad cuz it just never stops trying to find answers to all the questions i have. And just when I feel the lowest I can go “Boom” something will happen that changes my whole perception on my negative thinking. I sometimes think I must have been so blind to not pick up on all the coincidences(God’s winks) that occur in my life. Even my sister who went to see JE with me has called lately telling me “boy the strangest thing happened today” and they are all stories of spirtual happenings She is also amazed that she was just not opened to it before.
    Lori, I hope your journey leads you to a happy place in your life.
    God Bless:angel: Leigh
    P.S. I am yet to get out and get that book,I will put it on my to do list This Week!!


    And oh yeah YOUR FUNNY LOL:laff2:


    :hearts: SPMS! Too funny! You definitely have a way with words because that is EXACTLY the right term for it! :love:



    So here I am almost an entire year down the road from the event that started me on this wonderful journey. I find myself in almost the exact circumstances that brought me here looking for answers but this time I go armed with a little bit more information and alot more “Friends” to share the exprience with. :love:

    Saturday night Mike and I are going to see John Edward again. It will be a year almost exactly since I started down this path and and I am filled with SO many different emotions but this time of a different nature I think.

    On one hand, the words, “leave your expectations at the door” keep running through my head and I know I need to go and just enjoy the evening because it will be a wonderful evening no matter what. Watching him work in person is such a powerful experience.

    On the other hand…

    I also can’t help but want some closure of sorts. Who wouldn’t, Right? I am human after all. There is so much that I want to share and tell him but I know in my heart that he already knows. I also can’t help but hope that my Mother comes through… So many questions I didn’t get to ask the first time around you know?

    I guess if I am supposed to be read I will be and if I don’t – someone needed it more. I just hope that this time if the Queen “Barnaby” lady decides to show herself again… I at least get to say hi before she brings the rest of the troops through! LOL :laff:

    Any thoughts? Advice? Oh well… I have my good friend Jeannie coming too! It will be a really fun evening no matter what!


    Dear Lori and Jeannie, you already know that no matter what happens, it is going to be wonderful just being there, and with a good friend :love:


    ((((Lori)))) You’ve already said everything I would give you as advice. Leave all expectations at the door. Let go and let God. I know, I know…we’re human though! Of course you want to hear from someone!
    I know you will enjoy the experience of watching others connect with their loved ones even if you don’t receive a personal message. If you don’t get the “closure” you feel you need on Saturday, the other side has their schedule and will connect when the time is right for you.:hearts: Just keep yourself open to receiving messages for yourself. Through synchronicities, etc. I know you do that already!

    Love and lots of hugs,


    (((Lori))) I am just so excited:dance: :banana: :clap: for you WOW your are going to have a wonderful time. Just don’t let past emotions sneak up on you, you have come to far to let that happen. Hopefully John will see you there and have the time to stop to say hi, But remember this I know you are so thankful for him coming into your life but never forget that you touched his life aswell from the words in your letter to him!!! So go, enjoy and let the experience be another page in your amazing journey.


    Pam B

    Wow, what can I say that these wise and wonderful ladies have not already said?

    ((((( Lori ))))))

    How about gratitude, which seems to be the theme of the day? Setting your mind on gratitude for all that happened to you in the last year. You know how many people would have given their right arm to have had a private audience with John Edward? Gratitude! :) And so many other experiences, readings, teachings, lessons, new Friends and other connections?

    So this one year marks a milestone. One of many more to come! :banana:

    Soak up the energy in that room, and the healing that will permeate the very air.

    Laugh, cry, and give thanks to a loving Creator who allows us the “signs of life” from the Other Side, and thanks to people like John who are willing to devote their lives to bringing us these signs. Bless him, bless our loved ones on the Other Side and Bless Yourself! :hearts: Enjoy!

    Pam B

    Just one more thought…

    LoriM;133660 wrote:
    I also can’t help but want some closure of sorts.

    I’ve heard that “closure” is a myth, that it’s not something that a person can ever truly get, have, achieve, etc.

    Pam;133687 wrote:
    How about gratitude, which seems to be the theme of the day? Setting your mind on gratitude for all that happened to you in the last year. You know how many people would have given their right arm to have had a private audience with John Edward? Gratitude! :) And so many other experiences, readings, teachings, lessons, new Friends and other connections?

    Your post is precisely why I posted this again because I knew I could count on my Friends to guide me and remind me what is important.

    Thanks Pam. Grattitude is definately where I need to be coming from. Thanks for reminding me. It is hard not to get wrapped up in our expectations sometimes. You are SO right… reading that just now…. your words … put perspective on things again. :redface3: Thank you.

    I am grateful to John for sharing his gift with so many people selflessly.
    I am grateful for the healing he provides to those that need it.
    I am grateful for the wonderful people that this experience has brought into my life.
    I am grateful for your humbling words and the forum you provide us to share safely these expriences.

    Thank you for reminding me. :hearts:

    Paula Mae

    Well Lori how about a little gratefulness from me to YOU for your sharing your story.. Its always nice to hear about people we can talk to that have a chance to be read. I like getting that little piece of cake (with no calories even) enjoy your time. Sit back, listen and relax.. if it is suppose to happen it will.

    Love ya,

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