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    I am grateful that I have my friend Lori to go with.
    I am grateful that John does what he does and that I will be able to see him and learn from him again.
    I am grateful JE brought Lori here to us to be our friend, (JE brought me here to this site as well)
    I am eternally grateful for you all – my friends – esp Pam for providing a home for us to meet and exchange our beliefs, ideas and love.

    :hearts: :wave: :hearts: :love: :hearts:

    As always seeing John is such an amazing experience! The crowd was a small one, maybe about three hundred people and was quite subdued all things considering. We had front row joe seats so it was nice! I have to agree that the first row is probably not the best place to sit though…. half the fun of going is seeing how John’s readings affect people.

    John gave some very detailed readings to several families. I am amazed at how much he can interperet each time I see him. He read one young woman and her mom who was here from Mexico and was able get some very detailed information to the family from her father. It was incredibly detailed and evenright down to the fact that she had a sister who did tarot readings and went on to describe the cards she used! It was amazing!

    There were several families who really got the readings that they needed and it was really nice to see it happen. Especially when one of those families was quite skeptical… by the end of the reading… they were not!

    I wish I could report back that I was one of those that got the reading, but I can’t. The cool thing is that I am REALLY okay with that! During the readings I decided to take notes as he went from family to family. I figured that some of the families that were read probably would not have thought to do so or would be in shock and like myself… wouldn’t remember a darn thing later. During the break… I gave those notes to them and it felt really good to be able to do that.

    As John wrapped up the night he made a comment that really hit home and I know that it was meant for me. He said that the seminars were not just for the people that got readings but it was also for those who did not get them. (Sound familiar?) :D My heart stopped because that is pretty much what I told him in my first letter to him! He also said that if you spend all of your time thinking about whether or not you are going to get read next that you miss what the messages of the other readings are and that is to not wait until it is too late to tell your loved ones NOW what they mean to you instead of having to have him as a medium.

    SO… there is closure for me after all… It was in NOT getting the reading and KNOWING in my heart of hearts that I didn’t need it. :love:

    Paula Mae


    I am glad you got the messages you needed in well not getting read. Now you have both sides of the fence, the feelings and messages you get from being read and the messages you STILL get when you havent. Every time I read someones posts about getting read I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that my family is out there watching over me as well. Even if they are rather quiet LOL.

    Love ya,



    Awww Lori how thoughtful of you to take those notes for others and give them to the ones being read. They are all probabally talking about ya over coffee this morning saying “Wow that was so nice of that woman to do that” Its so hard to not take the front seats eh?? I hope Mike enjoyed as much as you did.



    (((Lori))) Thanks for sharing your journey with us!:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

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