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    My sister has been going through a rough patch. Yesterday my 65 year old mom made a 3 hour trek to be with her. Prior to leaving she asked my Dad who passed in 1999 to come with her. Half way through her journey she wasn’t sure if he was there. We haven’t had communication from him in quite sometime. My Mom decided to go for it.

    She told my Dad that if he was there, if he was still looking out for us that she wanted a sign. My Mom is gutsy. She asked for something specific. She asked to hear a particular song on the radio. The song she picked was an old one and not played on the radio very often anymore. The very next song she heard was the song she requested. :)

    She now has the comfort she needed that my Dad IS still with us and knows what is going on in our lives.

    Pam B

    Wow! That is so awesome! I can just imagine the shock and joy that your mom felt when she heard it! What’s the song?


    I believe the song may have been One More Day by Diamond Rio. A wicked tear jerker.

    My Mom was just bursting when she told me about it. :)

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