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    Ok, now that all the excitement has died down a little bit, I thought I’d post about my own little “me too”.

    It’s not much compared to everyone else’s messages but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Anyway, remember when John H. was saying Myrtle and then later on was saying he thought maybe it was supposed to be Myrtle Beach?

    Well, Myrtle Beach was the last vacation my mom planned for us as a family. When she found out that she had cancer again she wanted all of us to spend some time together. She didn’t tell us about the cancer until after the vacation. She wanted to create some more good memories for just in case.

    Well, the vacation was wonderful even though I knew something was up the rest of my family was clueless. And it was a really good time for us and something that my mom created just for us and I’ll cherish those memories always.

    Over the 4 1/2 years since her death, I’ve gotton lots of signs from her, some of which I’ve come to expect and others were complete surprises.

    This was one of those surprises. So much so, that I was too stunned to raise my hand and claim it.:o

    But, it’s not the first sign and it won’t be the last.
    I’m looking forward to what she’ll come up with next.;)

    So thanks to Mom and John Holland for the memories.:love:


    :clap: (((Believer))) Yet another “Myrtle” connection! Wow!:hearts:

    I don’t remember if all the other connections have been posted on the board. Its been discussed in the chat room. So how many is that now? Anyone know?
    In addition to this one there is Lori, Dawn, me…there were more but I can’t remember them all at the moment. The “myrtle” connection came up in the most amazing ways that weekend!

    Pam B

    ((((( Believer ))))))

    I absolutely believe that the Other Side gets together before a messages session and says “Alright…our time and energy is limited, how can we get the biggest ‘bang for our buck’ with getting messages through?”

    It looks like your Mom was part of that conversation! :thumbsup:


    ((((((Believer)))))) I am so glad you got a Hi from Mom:love:


    Any time we get a hello from the otherside I consider it a big deal. From the sweetest little hints to the bombastic OMG experiences it is always a big deal.

    ((Believer)) sweet hugs for sharing with us. We all feel a little bit better because of it.

    :candle: :candle: :candle:


    Thanks guys…

    I appreciate your kindness.:hearts:

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