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    :hearts: ((((((((((((((((Pam))))))))))))))))):hearts:

    :tissue: I am so, so happy for you! :love:

    Thank you so much for sharing the “story behind the story” with us :musicnote


    :tissue: :tissue: :tissue: :tissue: :tissue:
    WOW….Pam if anyone DESERVED a reading in those 6 years, it was DEFINITELY you!!:love:

    :musicnote Out of such despair comes such LOVE and Hope from the other side at a time when you needed it most.:banana: :love: :hearts: It really is true that you get a reading at the right time of your life and those that need it the most are in the front of the line!!

    I need about 10 boxes of tissues…..Your ability to even get that typed is a testament to the healing already occuring in you. To come to that “Knowing” that JE talks about so much can’t be understood til you actually get there! :hearts: Awesome that it happened to you!!

    :love: :musicnote Thank you for such a beautiful story and for opening your heart to us!:hearts:


    Paula Mae

    WOW Pam,

    I read the first section before I left for work at 5:30(am) then I had to wait all this time to read the part about JH! It was a very long day waiting!!! I so wanted to read it this morning but I knew I would be late if I took the time!! I am so very happy for you, all of you who were able to witness the reading for Pam. Just reading it gives me such comfort knowing that my loved ones are doing well on the other side too!! Thanks again for all you do and making this possible for all of us!!



    ((((((((((Pam!)))))))) You needed it, they knew it and they came through for you. And I can’t tell you how delighted I am for you. You’re right, it’s one thing to believe, quite another to KNOW. You’ve been blessed and you deserve it.

    Chassie :hearts:


    So surrounded by death and despair at such a critical time of your life, one can only wonder how you made your way through it all. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of this reading and consider myself blessed to have been able to be there to hear it.

    Something tells me that you’re forever destined to be surrounded by friends. ;)

    Amy Rose


    I am so happy that you finally got a reading!!!!! I am honored to have witnessed it and been there with you. You deserve it my fellow Jersey Girl!!!!! :hearts: :)
    :love: :love: :love:


    (((((Pam))))) (((Mom & Friends)))

    I’m so happy for you, Pam! You’ve been faithful and patient — now you’ve been additionally blessed! :love: What a beautiful and powerful reading! Your loved ones on the Other Side knew just what you needed, when you needed it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, especially the background. It helps to understand where you’re coming from and how you’ve arrived and evolved into who and what you are today — :angel: :angel2: :angel3:



    Wow! I just read this and it is amazing. Pam, I had no idea you had experienced so much sadness in the past. Your faith is very strong, and it amazes me and inspires me. You deserved that reading so much! All these years you’ve provided this site for us, and it was your turn to hear from the other side. :hearts:


    Thank you for sharing that. You deserved to hear from them, and they knew it, and now we know it too.


    What a beautiful story… :tissue:
    Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


    Thank you for the story and so happy you got the reading :hearts:


    :love: (((Our angel, Pam))) You have done so much for all of us–who knew what sadness you witnessed at such a young age. Kudos to you for who you’ve become. You did truly deserve that reading, Pam. I am so happy for you. May you always be surrounded by friends:crowd: (I’m not a psychic, but somehow I KNOW you will be:clink: Hugs, gig

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