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    maria V

    I didn’t think she was serious but apparantly I was wrong. :redface3: Last week when she visited for my future sister in law’s bridal shower she and one of my cousins talked about registering for my next class.

    She just now sent me an email asking for her registration materials. I guess she means business! :clap:

    This is going to be pretty weird having a family member as part of my “secret society” but it’s all good because my sister is the only person on the planet who knows all my secrets anyway. :love:

    So if you see someone introduce herself around here named Antonietta with a Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, and Libra Rising – that’s my sister!:hearts:

    Pam B

    Woo hoo! Welcome Antonietta!!!

    You’re going to see a whole new side of your sister, I promise!

    You’ll see how much we love her here. :hearts: :hearts:

    And you can give us all the dirt on all the crazy things she did as a kid (doesn’t every sister have a story like that? My sister likes to tell about the time that I was 13 and she was 20, and I stole her driver’s license for the summer….but I digress….)

    Nice to meet you Antonietta!

    Scorpio sun, Capricon Moon, Gemini Rising (until 2 weeks ago I had no idea what that even meant!)

    maria V

    @Pam 129822 wrote:

    Woo hoo! Welcome Antonietta!!!

    And you can give us all the dirt on all the crazy things she did as a kid

    :eek: What did I get myself into? Oh boy…I’m not even going to be able to see what dirt she decides to dish until next week. This is torture.

    Keep it clean sis! :hearts:

    I really shouldn’t worry…it’s not like I have any crazy stories anyway. I was the practical, boring Taurus sister who worked 3 jobs and always listened to what she was told. :angel:


    Oh, I think I can dig up a few good stories…but I better save them for after I get my first grade. ;)

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I hope I do well. Understanding what my sis is talking about would be nice.

    Well, Maria, you taught me how to drive now lets see if you can teach me astrology (hopefully with less yelling:D).

    Totally looking forward to this!:dance:


    Welcome, Antoinetta! :wave: We’re so glad you’re here, and it’s not just because we want the inside scoop on Maria, either! :lwink:

    Enjoy learning!

    Jude :)


    Hi Antoinetta!:wave:

    Welcome to our community! You’ll enjoy it here. Don’t worry…we all try to understand what your sister is talking about. It doesn’t always happen right away but by the time you finish the class you can’t believe what you’ve learned. She is a wonderful and patient teacher!:hearts: Maria, yelling? No, I don’t believe that…:laff2:

    If you have any questions, just ask. We are all here to help each other.


    Paula Mae

    Woooo Hooooo!!

    We met your sister in chat the other day and she is a very nice person. I look forward to talking to her again!!


    maria V

    I heard what a warm welcome a bunch of you gave Antonietta when she joined the other day – you are all too sweet. I don’t think she expected so much attention but I’m sure her Venus in Leo in the 11th loved every second of it! :love:

    Unfortunately, the day after she joined my nephew broke a piece on her laptop when he tried to use it and now she is without computer for almost 2 weeks while the “Geek squad” is fixing it up. She is seriously going through internet withdrawal. :tissue:

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