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    This always seems to be a very comforting place to come when I need to be surrounded by love and prayers….

    My uncle Ernie passed at 1am this morning. Although he was ill, it was VERY unexpected. Earlier in the year, he had a mild heart attack which was treated with a stent and medication. Then he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, for which he made it to the hospital just in time to save him. A few weeks after that he wound up have emergency quintuple bypass surgergy, and made it through fine. While in the ICU however, he had a stroke, and that’s when it went dowhill. He was doing very well with therapy, and was progressing nicely once they sent him to rehab. He and his wife had bought a house up here in Jersey, and were ready to move once their house sold in Florida. This week, my family registered him in a rehab facility, and made arrangements to bring him up here where all his family is. We were all devastated when we got the news of his passing, as we thought it would be a lengthy, yet full recovery.

    He was a very special man, full of love, laughter, sincerity, loyalty and kindness. He will be missed terribly. All prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank you, FRIENDS :hearts:


    So sorry, Sabine. You have our prayers that he was met by loved ones and has made a smooth transition into the light. Prayers also ascending to those left behind who will miss him. Stay strong.



    (((((Sabine))))) So sorry to hear of your loss.:rosary:Prayers for you and the rest of the family for comfort & peace and :rosary:Prayers for Uncle Ernie for peaceful and easy transition/crossing:rosary:


    (((Sabine))) Prayers for a smooth transition going up for your Uncle Ernie; peace, comfort, and strength for those he leaves behind.


    (((Sabine))) – I’m so sorry. Prayers ascending for your Uncle Ernie as well as you and his family and friends.:hearts:


    Awww so sorry to hear about your Uncle. Prayers going out to you and his family.




    Prayers heading your way for your uncle, his family and all who loved him. And sending you a few extra prayers.


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