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    maria V

    Hi guys, :wave:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to teach a class and I do miss it and all of my students terribly!!!

    I got this in my email box today and thought it might be a fun exercise for any of the astro buffs on the site to participate in. All of my students know that my personal classes regularly included “mystery charts”. It’s a validating and fun way to do astrology because you have to trust the astrology without knowing who the person is. And once the person is revealed the astrology is always brought to life.

    So, if anyone wants to particpate, please post your answers and we’ll all compare notes. I’ll let you know when the mystery person is revealed – even I don’t know this one! LOL

    For those of you new to astrology, you might want to read the questions below. It will fascinate you to know that by looking at your soul’s blueprint (the birth chart) it is possible to answer these types of questions. And so much more!!!

    Hugs to all,

    AstroDatabank Newsmaker: Mystery Chart
    By popular request, we’re presenting a mystery horoscope as our only newsmaker this month.

    Let’s see how well we can delineate a chart of an unknown person (a man) by answering any or all of the following questions:

    What Do You Think?
    Describe his personality, his temperament, his likes and dislikes, his values, interests, etc.

    What was his childhood like? Can you describe his parents from his chart? Does he come from a large or small family or is he an only child? What’s his education level?

    What kinds of careers or jobs would he be attracted to? What qualities in a job would suit him best? Is he best suited to be an employee, a manager, an executive, an entrepreneur? And what kind of employee, manager, executive or entrepreneur would he be?

    What’s his financial situation?

    Is he married? Does he have children? What can you tell about them and can you describe the nature of his relationship with spouse(s) and children if you think he has any?

    What challenges might he face in his lifetime?

    Are there any health issues shown in the chart? What might they be?

    What’s he best known for?

    Examine the Mystery Chart:



    :sleep2: I should be asleep but my 12th house Sun usually wins the late night battles….. ;)

    Maria, I just entered the mystery guy’s birth info into and WOW…..a big square with an “X” in the middle. I’ve definitely never seen that before…..I know you told us what that is. A Grand Cross maybe? :: Going through notes :: I think that’s it….

    Since I’ve lately been digging up info on Medical Astrology, I think I’ll just try to answer the question about his possible health issues for now. Here goes nothing…. :: cracks knuckes ::

    When I think of health problems I immediately turn to the 6th house because it rules this issue. What do we find there?? Uranus in Cancer. (Interestingly, even if we look to the 1st house of health & physical body, we are brought to Uranus in the 6th because Aquarius is rising). What this placement tells me is that he is likely to suffer from sudden &/or unexpected health problems, especially related to nerves and the gastro-intestinal tract. (Possibly IBS/colitis/etc… brought on by stress or other strong emotional reactions??) The only way to get a better picture is to look at Uranus’ aspects.

    I’m also trying to remember what other body parts Cancer rules. The breasts and womb, but I don’t think that would apply since he’s male. :D Ugg…I have to look it up…. Okay, also lower ribs and pancreas. So there could be some sudden problems in this area as well.

    Uranus is one of the planets involved in the conundrum of squares and oppositions that stands out so vividly in his chart, so whatever health problems he endured probably factored in pretty heavily in his life. I’ll first look at the Uranus/Mars opposition. Several things jumped out at me when I first saw this. Mars is in the 12th house, so one possibility is that the cause of his sudden attacks is unknown or hidden to him and those in the medical profession. Mars in the 12th almost always signifies repressed anger/aggression, so maybe all this latent energy is one reason for his ailment. Another possibility that struck me is that perhaps he does his best to keep his health problems a secret, or does not openly seek medical help for them. Could he maybe be hospitalized (12th house) on and off because of this??

    I think I’ll skip the square to Neptune in the 8th because I don’t know what it means without the help of a book or two. It is retrograde, so he probably had to internalize his spirituality, though I’m not sure how this would factor into his health problems. It IS in the house of death & sex, so maybe there were some issues here that caused his sudden (Uranus) emotional (Cancer) illness(es) (6th house).

    There is also a square from both Uranus and Mars to his 2nd house Aries Stellium. I think that since both of the Lights are involved here, it is another indication that this health problem may have worked against (squared) both his “Self” (Sun) and emotions (moon). I definitely think that Mercury here may show that there was some nervous energy going on (especially since it’s in Aries), which may have significantly contributed to his sudden ailments.

    The only “pleasant” aspects Uranus makes are to Saturn and the MC, conjunct near the top of his chart. I would guess that, at first glance, nobody really knew about the health problem he had. It probably wasn’t something he made obvious, or perhaps he just didn’t suffer from these episodes as much when he threw himself into his career. Either way, I get the feeling that the general public was not privy to his emotional/physical upsets, and his career was unaffected (maybe even helped, somehow?) by his ailments. Or, on the other hand, maybe his career was the appropriate outlet for his suppressed Mars energy, and helped “cure” his illness temporarily.

    My verdict: Emotional stomach problems. Yep, sticking with that. :) He has this quick, possibly nervous mental energy and repressed Mars energy which takes a toll on his inner (moon) and outer (sun) self.

    I could be completely wrong about all this…lol. Thought it was worth a shot though. :musicnote Thanks for the chart, Maria, and for getting my astrology muscles moving again! :D


    maria V

    WOW!!! Crystal thank you for sharing such a fine and detailed health analysis for us.
    Medical Astrology is not my forte but I think based on rulerships and taking the correct keywords that you have hit on a great deal of valid information.

    I would refer you to this book on Medical Astrology if you’re interested – The Astrological Timing of Critical Illness by Noel Tyl.

    As far as health stuff, I will add my thoughts. Look to the ruler of the 6th house. We see Cancer on the cusp so the Moon is the ruler. Notice that the ruler of the 6th is making a square to a planet in the 6th – Moon square Uranus.

    Also add in the fact that he has a very overactive 3rd house with Sun, Moon and Mercury all posited there in supersonic Aries. Again, these planets are all square Mercury. This suggests tremendous mental overactivity, likely high anxiety and nervous disorders are possible. The nervous system must be taken into account.

    Also with Moon square Uranus in this health configuration I’d expect some major mood swings. The potential for bipolar disorder is there in my opinon, or another type of biochemical mental illness.

    I cannot wait to learn who this person is myself! I just love astrology…

    Have a great day:hearts:

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