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    :dance: Here’s another fun game that will help us delve into the symbolism of the tarot:

    Choose a symbol from any tarot card and everyone tries to guess which card it’s from. Beginners feel free to look at the cards, but the more advanced readers can really challenge themselves and try to guess without peeking at their cards ;) And you get bonus points if you tell us what the symbol means when you answer!:thumbsup:

    Example: If I said “white rose” someone would answer “The Fool/innocence or purity” :)

    *Please note that to avoid confusion, everyone should be using the standard Rider-Waite deck.

    Have fun!:wave:

    Edited to update…
    Symbols used so far:
    – Red Feathered Hat [Page of Wands]
    – Lightning Bolt [The Tower]
    – Single Sunflower [Queen of Wands]
    – Pineapple [High Priestess]
    – A Snail [9 of Pentacles]
    – Water Lillies [Ace of Cups]
    – A lizard eating its tail [The King of Wands]
    – The dawn [10 of Swords]
    – Ships on rolling waves [2 of Pentacles]
    – The wary toddler [10 of Pentacles]
    – Dipping toes in water[ Temperance]
    – Pumpkins [3 of Cups]
    – Furrowed fields [Knight of Pentacles]
    – Bright colored tents [7 of Swords]
    – A fish in hand [Queen of Cups]
    – Crossed keys [The Hierophant]
    – A large nail (or chisel) [8 of Pentacles]
    – The skull (as a warning) [7 of Cups]
    – A rabbit [Queen of Pentacles]
    – Cuffs look like crowns [King of Wands]
    – A large lemniscate [2 of Pentacles]
    – The crab [The Moon]



    Red-Feathered Hat


    Haha…I had to laugh when you used the example of the white rose…I’m the heck will I know? My cups suit of my tarot deck uses White Roses on every card!! ;) Sacred Rose deck…

    Page of Wands? Messenger of news of passion, excitement, time to express some individuality, an opening in your life to feed your talents.

    And sorry, I’m not familiar with the Rider Waite deck, so I’m going to be a beginner and look up the images. But I think I’m in the right area.


    LOL Steph…yes, you are correct m’dear. You get to give the next clue:clap:

    *Anyone who does not have the Rider-Waite deck, there are lots of places online that you can go to see the cards; try here.


    Boy, looking at these cards to offer a clue, makes me realize how different this deck is to mine.

    Clue: Lightning Bolt


    The Tower

    Lightning bolt symbolizes truth, which shatters false ideas/institutions.


    Ding ding ding..we have a winner on both accounts!!

    Your turn!


    :banana: OK how about:

    single sunflower


    Hmm.. Queen of Wands? But technically isn’t there three sunflowers there?

    And I’m not sure the meaning of the sunflower.

    Pam B

    The Sun has four sunflowers; the Queen of Wands has a single sunflower in her hand, but yes, two more adorn her throne.

    Spiritualism’s Motto:
    “As the sunflower turns its face
    toward the light of the sun,
    so Spiritualism turns the face
    of humanity
    toward the light of truth.”

    According to Sandra A. Thomson, author of “Pictures from the Heart” says:

    “In Greek legend the sunflower is the symbol of the water-nymph Clytie (CLY-tee-ee), who pined for Apollo and was ignored by him. After sitting for nine days without eating, her eyes fixed only on the sun god as he rose and traveled across the sky, her limbs took root in the ground and her face became a flower, perptetually turning to follow her love. She is considered a symbol of constancy.”

    So for me, the symbol of the sunflower is a symbol of constancy. Like the constancy of the sun, and of God, and of the afterlife (as created by and promised to us by God.)


    welllll…you’re both right :thumbsup:

    Love that story, Pam! Who wants to go next?

    Pam B

    I’ll go next!



    Anyone have any ideas on this clue? I have been through my deck twice and don’t see any pineapples there…pumpkins, oranges, grapes, but no pineapple, unless….

    Could the green leafy spikes on the back of the High Priestess’ throne be pineapple plants? (I know the other fruits are pomegranates, but the yellowish ones are kind of pineappley looking:angel: )


    I went through the deck too and couldn’t find anything. This one is up for grabs. ;)

    Pam B

    You’re right! The pineapples appear on the back of the Empress’ throne.

    But just do they mean? :)

    *Pam hums the theme song from ‘Jeopardy’ waiting for the answer*

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