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    Well, I have been a John Edward fan for about 2 years and Ihave to say he is wonderful! I have read his books and have had many validations in my own life to realize that there is truly another life after this one. When I read that John was coming to Seattle I immediatley purchased 5 tickets for my sisters, mother and cousin. My Mom’s mom had passed a long time ago and I “hear” from her all the time in my own life but my Mother has not. I thought if she could hear from her Mom (my Grandmother) through John that would be an incredible validation for her. So for the 6 weeks or so before the show I continually reminded my Grandmother that she needed to save up all her energy and show up. The night of the show we got there around 4pm and the show began at 7:00. There were at least 1000 people ahead of us in line but I kept repeating John’s mantra “if you are meant to get a reading you will” my sisters were ready to have me put a sock in it I’m sure. When we finally got in to the arena area we changed seats at least 4 times–as John says you don’t sit anywhere by accident. About halfway through the show John talked about Santa Clause–he said that he was pulled toward our area. I was so careful not to jump up because I wanted to be sure the reading was meant for us–I didn’t want to stretch it. Finally the man in front of us turned around and John said “yes, right there!”. I took the microphone and described how Santa was a huge part of our Christmas celebrations growing up. Huge is probably an understatement actually. My Mom’s Mom (Grandmother) and my great aunt made sure that we had a big celebration at Christmas which always centered around lot of food and my uncle dressing up like Santa. ANyhow, to make a long story short. John validated that My Grandmother was coming though and he mentioned a Jimmy which would be my uncle who has passed. He also mentioned the number 17 which we could not figure out at the time but later found out that Jimmy’s birthday was the 17th of NOvember. My Grandmother didn’t come through with too much else because she brought with her the people we sat behind–their son. This is so like my Grandmother and it felt so surreal to talk to John and have him say “Your Son is coming through courtesy of their Grandmother”–as I’ve heard him say for other people so many times. ANyhow, My Mom was so touched but wished there could have been more. Although, she said that was just like her to bring a child through to talk to his parents. Out of 3000 some people to get even that little reading was incredible. So that is my story–not earth shaking but oh so comforting!


    Congratulations mj and welcome to our little home away from home :)

    Be sure to check out the Everyday Guide to our Forum for everything you could possibly want to know about this place.



    Wow! Welcome:wave: mjjpower. What a nice way to introduce yourself to us. :)

    Please look around our home here, as Tammy truthfully called it, and don’t hesitate to ask questions on how to get around in it.

    Gail :)


    Hello, mjjpower, :wave: and welcome to the board!

    Congratulations on your reading! What a gift you have received from your loved ones! :thumbsup:


    I haven’t posted in years. I came across my original post in kind of a strange way. I had googled my “mjjpower” for another reason and it brought up this post! I just wanted to say that I still think about my reading from John and smile. I watch his show quite a bit and would love to have the opportunity to meet him again. I even entered a sweepstakes to win a reading with him. I have noticed that his conferences have gone up significantly in price and I am not sure I could attend again but feel blessed that I had my chance.
    Sorry about being MIA, I have three girls and such a busy household that I get sidetracked easily.


    :clap: It’s good to hear from you again mjjpower! Feel free to come and go as Spirit leads you! :hearts:


    Welcome back, mjjpower! :wave: “Life” happens to all of us, so no apologies are necessary! Enjoy your visits here, whenever you’re able to stop by.

    Jude :)


    welcome back, :) I am likewise will not post for months then all of a sudden I get the urge to come back, I think it is because I sence a good vibration, coming from the people who post here. :D


    Thank you everyone…I’ll try and check back more often!

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