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    Paranormal pilot “Meant” for CBS

    By Nellie Andreeva Thu Sep 14, 3:34 AM ET

    Producer Glenn Gordon Caron is looking to follow up his hit NBC series “Medium” with another paranormal drama featuring a female lead.
    CBS has given a pilot order to “The Meant to Be’s,” a romantic drama about young dead woman who must return to Earth and help people before she can “pass over.”

    Caron, who made his name in the late 1980s as the creator of “Moonlighting,” most recently partnered with CBS on the critically praised drama “Now and Again.”

    “Medium,” which earned an Emmy for star Patricia Arquette in 2005, returns for a third season in January.

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


    Cool! I just love shows like this! Speaking of which does anyone know if Ghost Whisperer is coming back this season?


    Yes, it is. A repeat of the first season finale will be on this Friday on CBS at 8pm est.


    Seems like the paranormal is becoming pretty normal for TV these days. Great!!

    Also in the ‘speaking of which’ category:

    Has anyone seen the new show on Discovery, ‘Sensing Murder’? It says the show will follow mediums Laurie Campbell and Pam Coronado. They will be working on cold cases, it sounds like.

    I don’t know either person (except by reputation) but the ‘advance’ press says that the series will focus on the mediums’ communication process.

    This makes me hopeful about the tone being less sensational and more spiritual. One can hope!!

    PhilsGail wrote:
    Yes, it is. A repeat of the first season finale will be on this Friday on CBS at 8pm est.

    Ghost Whisperer Firday 9/15 is the season finale and then next week 9/22 is the new season or second half of that episode according to CBS website.:dance:

    Couldn’t find any info on the new show….but sounds really interesting!

    Have you seen the ads for HEROES on NBC?? This looks really cool!!:cool:
    tagline: “Ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities”
    Premieres Monday Sept 25TH 9pm EST Check it out: Go under production notes at the top for the show synopsis…..reminds me of Celestine Prophecy series!! (not exactly but along the same lines!) Watch the VIDEOS too!!
    “Tissue Regeneration, Levitation, Teleportation…is this beyond the realm of possibilities?”

    Medium says an upcoming episode has not been scheduled yet…so we haven’t missed it!! But it will be on SUNDAY nights.

    ;) Looks like some good TV this Fall !!



    Medium comes on here Sunday nights at 11:00 pm on Lifetime channel and then again on Monday night at 10:00 pm NBC.
    Ghost Whisperer comes on Friday nights at 8:00 around here, but honestly, I cannot watch many of them as the ones I have seen have scared me to death. I have nightmares that night. Cant imagine why. :-(
    I love Medium and can’t wait to see these other shows you all have mentioned.




    Those are the re-runs, the new ones for Medium will be on Sundays on NBC but they haven’t put a date on it yet!

    :laff: LOL, must be because the shows remind them too much of your “busy” dreams since that’s the only time you listen!!

    Check out HEROES though….You might like this one and find it not as disturbing.;)



    I enjoy Medium quite a bit.

    I also watch Ghost Whisperer but the kissy kissy relationship with her hubby kind makes me wanna barf. Also, I really like her best friend co-star and am pretty mad she got killed off. She added a nice humor to the show.

    This new show sounds okay except the ‘romantic’ part in the description. Whats that about. Why cant there just be a show about the subject without having the frilly stuff??

    Do I sound jaded?? LOL> I truly am not. Just picky about my entertainment. I am a HUGE tv and movie junky…and can be critical of both :redface3:

    That one mentioned with Laurie Campbell sounds interesting…I will search on my DVR for it now.

    Oh and Heroes looks very good. I think that will be a hit.


    :dance: Cool Pam, is there anyone you don’t know? LOL…

    I need a second DVR for all these shows!!

    Pam B

    Um, yes, I don’t know Orlando Bloom….so if anyone can arrange an introduction…:devil: Of course, I have only the most spiritual of interests in Orlando :D


    ;) Sure it is Pam….. if that’s your story stick to it!;) …. and by the way… if you do get an introduction…. can I come visit you…. say around the same time? :laff:

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