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    maria V

    It looks like our Idiot’s Guide has come out with a 4th edition and since I just received my copy of the 4th edition I notice many changes from the 3rd.

    If you have the 3rd edition please have the reading assignment completed using the chapters and pages in my registration email to you. If you have the 4th edition, please have chapters 1-3 read in time for our first class.

    It would help me to know how many students have the 4th edition and how many have the 3rd so if you don’t mind a quick post I’d appreciate it.


    Hi Maria:
    Hope you are feeling fine. I have the 2nd edition! I had purchased it a while back, I hope is OK. I do hope we don’t have any more drop outs. :tissue: I can’t remember if I gave you my birth info, you are welcome to use my chart. Let me know if you have it. I have been reading the chapters and I am very happy we will meet tomorrow. Until then.:banana:


    vierge feroce

    i have the third edition maria,

    looking forward to tomorrow!


    Scorpio Mom

    Hi Maria –

    I have the fourth edition. I’m eagerly looking forward to the class!! Talk to you tomorrow night!! :clap:

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