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    can someone please do something with these number for me

    08/08/2007 my sons date of death

    13/04/1989 my sons date of birth

    14:05 hrs his time of birth

    as yet I don’t have his time that he was pronounced Dead



    Hello Mum
    First of all, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your son.
    What I would tell you by looking at those numbers is that this soul ( your son) came in to work out some past life issues and most likely, once that was accomplished, his work here in this physical plane was completed and it was time to return home to the spiritual realm.
    I believe an in depth reading might be able to help you make sense of this but that reading would extend to not only him, but you also.
    I offer my services to do this for you for no cost except the cost of the phone call.
    You can read my website
    and if this seems like something you might want to do, simply email me at
    Please in your email, mention Friend’s Communities and this message.
    Much love to you


    Hello Allison not only those numbers but also thought to put those of my nephew, who passed just over 8 years ago.

    my nephew was born on 08/04/1982 ( APRIL) ( I just put in the wrong date for my nephew oops) having Dions dod on my mind)

    and passed on 14/10/1999

    as for a more indepth reading, slight problem is I live in Australia cost of a phone call overseas for a report on those numbers is prohibitive


    Pam B

    Alison, that was extremely generous of you to offer to provide the reading at no cost to mumandtwins. On behalf of FriendsCommunities, my most sincere appreciation.

    Mum, how much does it cost in AUS dollars to call to the US, for say, a 30 minute phone call?


    hi Pam in answer to your question, the reason why I can’t phone out long distance or overseas on my land based phone, as I prefer to prepay using my mobile phone, for calls around Australia, saving my landbased phone just for local calls. I am with Telstra for that, I will have to look into the costs it can get as high as $35 on landbased, last time i phoned to the USA which was quite a long time ago. My Mobile phone is with Vodafone.

    I will have to wiegh up the costs with both Telstra and Vodafone



    I believe you can purchase phone cards which are considerably cheaper than some phone plans. You might look into that.
    It just isn’t possible to convey the information on a message board or in an email otherwise I would.
    I do want you to hold the thought that sometimes the loss of a loved one is a catalyst for our own spiritual awakening. It is through the desire and need to reconnect with our loved one, that we open our minds to the endless possibilities of our own Divinity.
    Nothing in life happens by accident but is part of our soul plan and experiences are written into our lives to help us raise our consciousness and move closer to our purpose and destiny in life.
    Often our greatest losses eventually become our greatest gifts.
    I can not comprehend the loss of a child and the insurmountable grief you must be feeling but I do know I am in admiration of your soul for your courage.
    You are in my prayers

    Pam B

    Mumandtwins, you might want to take a look at SKYPE.COM which allows you to use your computer to call a regular phone either free or very inexpensively.

    Take a look at this:

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