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    Paula Mae

    Well I just had my short reading with Alison… WOW… It was so accurate and gave me so much insight. I cant thank you enough Alison, so many things you told me were validations of information that has come through elsewhere. It is amazing how so many different means of gathering information from Spirit can come to me and really drill home what I need to do! Thank you again for your guidance. And for everyone else get a reading you will gain a lot of knowledge and validations.



    Paula, I had my short reading yesterday and I echo everything you said. Alison is extremetly talented. Thanks to her and the Friends Community for being part of the John Holland HayHouse Package. :dance: :banana:

    I am looking forward to having her do a full reading sometime in the future. The short on only scratched the surface.

    Bright Blessings

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