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    I only controlled the scene once in my dream and I said out loud I want to go to my room and it was crazy my focus slowly faded out and my room started to fade in….
    Then I realized I was in my room however from the position of the wall across from me it meant I was high above the bed.
    Which of course freaked me out. LOL So I panicked and woke up.

    Okay last night I had a wierd expereince and maybe it was brought on thinking about our discussion. I went to bed hoping to have a lucid or OBE. And I am sleeping and i got this extremely strong sense that someone was standing next to my bed and looking right at my face…like standing with there face close to mine.

    I didn’t want to open my eyes…but I had to the energy was so strong. I opened my eyes and it was pure blackness I closed my eyes right away and re opened them to my darken room….we keep a nightlight in the hall for the kids so my room isn’t pure darkenss. I recall not being terrified anymore just snuggled closer to my hubby and went back to sleep but it was odd though.

    Never meet a person while in a dream like you said you did….if that happens again you are going to have to remember his name and number and try calling him or her the next day.


    No good dreams for me last night. Just a weird mix-up of the TV shows I watched before bedtime. I think I need to turn off the TV and re-read some of my lucid dreaming information to get my mind in the right mode before going to sleep.

    I can’t believe no one else has joined our discussion. I hope we’re not the only two “weird” ones.:D Someone else must know what we are talking about!


    :eek: Who’re you calling “weird”? :hearts:

    I have lucid dreams and go OBE regularly when I meditate regularly. I haven’t been meditately regularly lately … hence, no stories to share.:D

    Pam B

    I’m reading every day, keeping up with you, just not posting :)

    I definately have experienced OBE’s and lucid dreaming and most of it has been very, very meaningful for me on my path. For me though, it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. I seem to have periods where it happens, and then go for stretches when it doesn’t. It happens most when I’ve been very good about my meditative practices which fall by the wayside and take a back burner to the 5 year old and the 39 year old.


    Thanks for posting y’all. I don’t feel so alone now.:D

    Meditation and quiet time seem to be the key to all this stuff yet that’s the one thing we have so little of in the modern world. I can understand now why someone would want to become a monk, withdraw from society and live a simple austere life. Not that I want to do that, but it sure would make this stuff easier.

    Pam B

    That is our modern-day spiritual challenge, as Carolyn Myss so aptly pointed out: To be in the world but not of the world. To be a mystic in our own world without the benefit of the ashram :)


    So what books are you all reading? The one book I enjoy very much is the Inner temple by Chris Penczak I have the CD that go along with the book so basically the CD’s have all the mediatations and so on.

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