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    How’s this for an interesting weekend coming up for me … I’ll be attending the Wayne Dyer seminar and some items of interest:

    Saturn goes direct today … boy did Saturn Rx really slow things down!
    Sun trine Sun 1 degree orb
    Sun sextile Mercury 1 degree orb
    Sun trine Uranus 0 degree orb
    Mercury opposition Venus 0 degree orb
    Venus square ASC 2 degree orb
    Venus conjunct Midheaven 2 degree orb
    Mars enters the 7th house
    Jupiter sextile Venus 2 degree orb

    maria V

    You Go Girl!!!

    I’m personally happy that Saturn is now direct as well…now it can finally leave my Sun alone!!!!!!:dance:

    Enjoy the seminar and let us know if you meet Rodney there ok?:love:


    let us know if you meet Rodney there ok?:love:

    I don’t know my Sun in 12th might not let me, lol.:o


    Well, my 12th house Sun has no decisions to make in this regard … no Rodney, lol.

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