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    Old Souls — Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives.

    Tom Shroder is a journalist who documents some of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s cases.
    Another book that is worth reading. :)

    Pam B

    Tell us why :)


    Sure! Thanks for asking! I am addicted to reading and i love to share! :)

    This book is basically about Tom Shroder following Dr. Stevenson around different countries, mostly India, and documenting some of the most fascinating cases of children who remember previous lives.
    The children discussed in the book were able to remember their past lifes spontaneously what makes the whole thing even more interesting.
    Some of us have to meditate a lot and even have regressions to be able to remember. The kids in the book didn’t. Some of their memories start at a very early age usually triggered by some event.
    Dr. Stevenson also talks about some birthmarks that were carried over past lives… He presents a lot of evidences for each case that is discussed in the book.

    Enjoy! :)

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