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    I’ve been having some odd dreams as of late. In these dreams there have been recurrent “things” that had me quite curious. In four different dreams, white ducks appeared and in three of those same dreams there were hanging baskets. I couldnt’ find reference in my books, but did find this handy website for dream interpretation.

    I looked up white ducks and was a bit surprised with the interpretation!


    Pam B

    First off… HI TAMMY! :love: Miss your wisdom, darling :)

    Hmmm….what do you think? My gut reaction to dream dictionaries, is that they should be consulted as a last resort and even then, taken with a grain of salt.

    I think it all depends on what ducks mean to YOU. Do you eat them? Do you hunt them? Do you like feeding them? Ever been bitten by one? Aren’t they fun to watch when they stick thier heads in the water to feed? What’s your experience with ducks in your life?


    I tried to figure out what the dreams meant on my own prior to looking the symbolism up. I came up blank everytime. I suppose it could mean nothing; but since it recurs; i’ve thought to look it up.

    I really don’t have any experience with ducks per se. Although I do hunt, I’ve never duck hunted. Our ducks up here aren’t white either, they’re mallards or canadian etc.

    In the dream, these are little duck figurines. There are three of them and they have flowers painted on the sides. In one dream they’re inside hanging baskets, in the next they’re on a shelf hidden behind a mirror (like a curio, only they are behind the mirror). In the third dream, my ex has them at his house in the kitchen and in the last they were in the baskets again.

    These dreams were very vivid and has been ‘recurring’ for about a month.

    good to see you too Pam (((hugs)))

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