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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been away for a while and was quite surprised that my initial query from some months ago was still being discussed. Thank you everyone for all of your replies.

    I would also like to apologise for posting this query here if it was meant to be somewhere else and has offended anyone or caused conflict or controversy. I was a newbie at the time of posting and was really just looking at the fact the John Edward has openly talked about being catholic and feeling no conflict with his chosen religion and what else he believes (something I admire) and how other people relate that to their own experiences. I felt that there would be many people who are part of this board that would perhaps know the confusion I was feeling and understand.

    Thank you again for your replies.

    Love and light


    Pam B

    Sylvie, your question is absolutly appropriate for this forum, for all the reasons you mention and more. Thank you for asking it, it’s a wonderful question, and I appreciated the opportunity to offer my own 2 cents! Welcome back!


    Hi I live in Brazil and hope you understand my PortugEnglish….

    organised religions are made for two reasons.
    To help us ,then we become wise, or to blind us, then we become fanatic.
    The rituals are fine.but we have to use our brains too…
    In my country there is a phrase like this:
    “blind faith, sharp knife” and it hurts…
    You’re doing it right!!!.Talking to God, prayng and making good things, asking and wanting to know more .As you did in this forum

    God bless you… good night

    sylvie66 wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    I have a query regarding religion.

    I was brought up basically knowing the bible and going to Sunday School via the Church of England (Anglican) Church. However going to church was not something that was regular for our family as I grew up. Over the years, I have read about various organised religions and attended various church services etc. There seems to be good and bad in all of them in some way. John Edward has stated that he is a catholic and that this doesn’t conflict with what he believes and practices.

    I do have a strong belief in God, but I also have a bit of a problem with organised religion and the fact that a lot of them have conflicting ideas and practices. I belive that He/She is not something we should fear and that God is in all of us – whether we attend a church or not.

    I would like to know of others experiences with this conflict and how you found what you were looking for. At the moment I pray and talk to God and practice what I believe is right for me. I am not looking for recommendations of various religions here – I am just asking what feels right to you and what helped you find the answers that seem to me to be quite confusing.


    Well there are usually good and bad in any faith because there are humans involved as we all well know. Humans are interesting creatures and me especially but I love who I am. I think we do not feel good about who we are and looking for answering is a way to feel better. My questions are always answered but whether I see the answer is a different story. We find ourselves asking Great Spirit (God) for answers that would make us live a better life. In truth Great Spirit has already given you those answers upon your birth into this world of exisit or the tools is more precise. But when we find ourselves need comforting from Great Spirit we are given love from beyond our physical plain. My question to you is are you happy with the way your practice your faith? If yes then that should have answered your question. My faith feels right within my whole being and I accept the possibility I could be wrong due to being human. But there is no doubt for me right now and I try to grow with step I take in life. I am happy with my skin and I do not force anyone to believe as I do because it is not right. We each must find and walk our paths in life for no one else can walk in my shoes.


    Ok,here is another bunch of views.
    Organized religion is a good idea.
    1. But it tends to get mean, dogmatic and preachy.
    2. I don’t think everyone else is going to hell.
    3. Sometimes, it is hard to ‘face facts’ and you need an outside voice to set you straight.
    4. How many of us exercise well, with out a dance class, the gym or something?
    5. I have not found a loving caring ‘community’ I want to belong to.
    6. Most people seem to be spiritual, but not religious. That seems sadly lacking to me.
    7. I do think it is very important to live a good life, and not depend on being forgiven.


    I attended church when I was younger, but lapsed in my teenage years. More recently I found my answer to the orginal question, and many others besides, in the “Conversations with God” trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch. (I’m not on a sales pitch here by the way).

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