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    One of the real high-points of November’s Intuitive Connections cruise was when Bea won a 30-minute, over-the-phone, intuitive counseling session with Colette Baron-Reid. Bea was the right person, in the correct row, from two different directions (and, not coincidentally, sitting next to Gail — the gal’s a lightning rod, what can I say). Colette happily granted Bea’s request to include her hubby in the reading, and we scheduled it for a free evening between the holidays. I’ll try to share some of highlights (and ‘hits’) that you may find interesting from an outside perspective.

    This was our first ever reading, so we were pretty pumped. The call came right on time and it was as though Colette was right there with us and we were soon talking like old friends. She began by telling us how Bea and my relationship with each other transcended ‘normal’. More than dear friends and deep respect, we spiritually and physically heal each other. Beyond that, she described us as ‘natural healers’ (whether we’re aware of it or not) that we have a ‘commitment to group’ and that we were once student friends in an ancient past. [Here, I couldn’t help smiling at the vision of two conniving Tibetan monks.]

    Colette told of Bea’s caring attributes and sensed her involvement in energy work. [Right on: Bea does volunteer reiki sessions at the local Living Well cancer resource center.] She told Bea she’d be expanding beyond what she’s currently doing, and to not be afraid to teach. [Others, at the center, have asked Bea to teach them reiki.] When Bea expressed fear at the idea, Colette spent a few minutes on this topic, sharing her own beginning experiences and to remember that ‘fear’ is Forgetting Everything is All Right, and told her to work on her (Colette’s) “goblin excersize”.

    When it came to me, Colette had to ask what I did for a living as she was sensing something ‘unique’ about me and what I did. When I described that I was involved in subatomic research, the ‘light went on’. She described that I analyse things to death [true] and, in the course of the conversation, said I should read some of Gregg Braden’s material

    Colette invites questions, so we asked about our future in our jobs and where they might be heading, and she had some insights to share. She described Bea as having been at her (librarian) job for 15 years [exactly right]. Then we asked about our daughter’s family and she described that she was seeing ‘lots of bottles’, and wondered if that meant alcoholism. [Not the latter but they were, in fact, actively ‘stocking up’ — in a [U]BIG[/U] way — for their coming New Year’s Eve party.] She described our daugter to a “T” and said she and her family had had a rough 2007 but everything was back to normal again. [A near-death-experience with a family member, purchasing a new home, putting down their dogs, were just some of their trials this past year — all past them now, thank God.]

    The whole session actually went beyond our allotted 30 minutes but, like a gracious host, Colette continues to offer that ongoing last morsel. She certainly is every bit the warm person over the phone as she is in person.


    What a great reading! I’m going to remember what she said about fear: Forgetting Everything is All Right

    Thanks for sharing that!

    Pam B

    Thank you for sharing those details Don! Dont’ be shy, you guys earned that reading on your own spiritual merit, by virtue of the blessing that you two are :hearts:

    She definitely had you two nailed :love: I also will have to remember that great acronym for F.E.A.R.!

    There’s something that I just love about Collette, besides her expansive knowledge of metaphysics and that infectious laugh of hers. I hope that her guidance brings you everything you hope and pray for :dance:


    :clap: I am so excited that you two had such a great reading! Thank you for sharing it with us. You guys are some of the nicest people we ever met. (In this lifetime or any other:) ) You really do seem to be quite suited to each other. I am not suprised at her description of you. Seems like she nailed it. :cool: :hearts:


    Awww… you guys…. :love:


    (((((Don & Bea))))) I’m so happy that you received your “first ever reading” — you deserve it! Blessed is what you are, with Colette’s session, and with each other! :love:

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    p.s. Great FEAR acronym!! :thumbsup:


    (((Don & Bea))) … thanks for sharing! :hearts:

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