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    I’ve been on the board from almost the beginning, I don’t often post but I know this is worthwhile. I got on John’s list June 2001, but now was the perfect time for this reading to have happened.


    We had our one on one with JE yesterday! :clap: He was awesome! I took frantic
    notes, at times John said “make sure you write this down”, and he waited
    while I did. He was kind, humble, down to
    earth and just plain “real”.:hearts:

    You won’t always know who John was referring to but you can get an idea of
    how detailed and accurate he was. Also, the person before us canceled. We
    happened to get there early and he kept us for over an hour. It was like
    visiting with a good friend. He couldn’t have been warmer. :):hearts:

    Reading notes:

    We walked in and I handed him a plate of my choc. chip cookies. He smiled
    and asked if I knew they were his favorite? (no)

    Ist one thru was I.K. (Bruce, my husband’s father) of course!!! (The last
    person we wanted to hear from!) John said he was difficult (duh) and that he
    wasn’t apologetic! John said that was very rare. He said he was involved
    with money issues and had “outside world syndrome” Your family sees you one
    way, and the world sees you another way. But he said when u think of him now
    think of him as new and improved.. Said he was remarried 2 times and one
    wife was Helen. TRUE

    Next he said he had a mother figure for me. He asked if my mom had passed.
    We said no, mother in law . He said she referred to me as her daughter. He
    said he saw her with pillows in her ears. That’s his sign for dementia, and
    loss of clarity. and that she suffered with pain in her legs. (she had
    Alzheimers and restless leg syndrome, but now she is fine:)). He saw her rocking a baby. (she had terminated a pregnancy when she and IK had reconciled for a short time) He asked who was in health care and said she can now see his accomplishments.
    He said is it Arnold? We said Andy? (our son) And he said yes, if his real
    name is Andrew. (It is)

    Said Bruce’s lifepath was to learn about finance and mine was to learn about
    Bruce’s lifepath # is an 8 but feels like a 9. Mine is #1

    He said Bruce was a teacher, played piano, involved in chorus…TRUE

    Said Bruce’s brother( Fred), was having a tough time with her passing and was
    dealing with it by ignoring it, working, and he needs to take time for himself.
    He pushed grief aside and feels alone, isolated.

    He mentioned Shirley (dale, my sister in law’s grandmother)?

    He said Mary, Bruce’s mom, (“M.R.” name) didn’t want to Bruce to feel bad about not being
    involved in her day to day care. And that Fred did a good job taking care
    of her and that she said the place she was moved to was good. Mary is my
    MIL’s name and she lived in Florida, so does Fred.

    He mentioned Larry(Bruce’s uncle) and Sam (Stan)(Bruce’s stepfather) Said
    Bruce thought of him as more of a father figure than IK. Bruce said not
    really as a father figure. John said if u had to choose Stan or IK for your
    father who would u pick….

    Mentioned T name, My mom’s sister who passed (Thelma).

    Said one of Fred’s kids would be making a life choice/decision and that
    although Fred would feel isolated or alone that he needed to know Mary was
    with him.

    Mary was showing him she was looking out the back of a house and seeing a
    chair and water. (our new lake house upstate? or Fla.)

    Someone will be having an angiogram…
    Saw boxes around Fred. means moving, or big change

    Mentioned Sylvia(Bruce’s favorite aunt) and said she saw herself as another
    mother and had unconditional love for Bruce. (Bruce lost it then):tissue: I looked
    for tissues on the coffee table, saw none and asked John “What kind of a
    psychic are u without tissues?” He laughed and said the woman before us had
    8 murders in her family and used them up!

    Mary sent pink roses expressing her love…

    John said he was shown Bruce at a religious ceremony, officiating?? We
    think it was the baby naming or the wedding. John did not know what a baby
    naming was and said he wouldn’t get that. (not in his frame of reference)
    He said they were all there:)

    Said they were referring to seeing Bruce perform at a major event and that
    they were so proud. John asked him if he ever performed with celebrities, or
    Carnigee Hall??? Asked what he considered the pinnacle of his career. ???

    He said they were seeing us putting old movies on video tapes…We were just
    watching the old movies Rick(my brother) put on video tape that my mother
    found in her closet.

    Bruce told John he felt bad that the readings were all about him and his
    family and asked if he could get anything for me. John said the fact that
    my family felt they didn’t need to come thru was because my belief system
    was in tact and I didn’t need to hear from them. I thanked him and told him
    it was worth waiting 6 years.
    He apologized and said he really did go
    strictly by the list. I told him I was fine with the wait. I didn’t want
    him to call me until Mary had passed. He said things happen when they are
    supposed to…

    It was wonderful.

    My deepest desire for this reading was that Bruce/we would hear from his mom
    and that was satisfied completely!


    ((((((Beth))))) I am so happy for you and Bruce!!:clap: :banana: :clap: We have been friends for a long time so I know what a loving, wonderful couple you are.:hearts: It was a long wait but it finally did happen and it couldn’t have happened to any nicer people.:love:


    (((Beth & Bruce))) I’m so happy for you — what a wonderful reading…just when you needed it!

    Congratulations to you both, and many thanks and blessings to your loved ones for the messages!

    :hearts: :musicnote :hearts: :musicnote :hearts: :musicnote :hearts:

    (((((Beth & Bruce)))))

    :dance: :hearts: :dance:

    I couldn’t be more happy for the two of you. How incredibly awesome!:clap:


    Pam B

    I am so happy for you, and your family Beth!!! :dance: :hearts:

    Thank you for sharing it with us all here,
    so we all can share a
    peice of the cake!!!:cake2:


    How totally cool! :banana:


    How wonderful (((Beth)))!:musicnote :hearts:


    ((Beth & Bruce)) I am just thrilled for the both of you. Thank -you very much for sharing your readings with us.



    ((((((((Beth and Bruce))))))))

    So happy for you both! Awesome!


    Beth and Bruce, Thanks for sharing your reading with us. :hearts: :hearts:

    It was definitely worth waiting for. :musicnote :musicnote

    Blessings to all,

    No. VA


    I’m so glad you all enjoyed my post. It was my pleasure to share it with you.:hearts:

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