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    There are blanks in the reading where I could’t makeout what was said or couldn’t remember. Bill me My narrative

    I’m coming to the guy in the front there. I have your dad here – yeah.
    _____ All right are you Steven? (no) where’s the Stephan/Steven? Stephanie?
    I don’t know – I get st and sc ssttaa or, ssskkkaa. It could be a last name, Stephan, Steven, Street – I don’t know. **Bill’s father’s and brother’s middle name is Scott
    and we would had a pregnancy that I would have named the child Scott – that is as close as I can come to that one.

    What’s your name? (Bill) Your dad is gone right? (Yeah) You’re new to this?
    I can look at you and the body language says, “yeah right”
    Bill, when did you play the drums? When did the music come to you?
    (Pretty much all my life) What instruments do you play? What kind? (Just different, kinds – some drums, harmonicas…) Yeah, your dad’s coming thru and I’m getting ka-chune, ka-chune ka- chu- chu-chu… Are you still involved with music? (Very little) You’re not in it any more, but you were (yes, that is correct) you need to get back to it. It infuses you soul.____ Especially your piano playing or the drums. – All right. Do you know how good you are at this?(Sometimes) Don’t make me come down. Your dad’s telling me you need to get back to your music again. Get to writing music again.
    Isn’t he Bill also? (No) **Bill’s middle name is his father and grandfather’s first name.**
    2 Williams – no 2 Bill connections?

    (No) **yes – Bill’s real name is William, but he goes by Bill and his uncle’s given name is Bill – not William** Who is with you – give her the mic. Where are the 2 Bill connections? {His uncle} Past or present? {Past}. OK- all right. All right, Say your name for me {Jeannie} Jeannie, Are you not a mum? Are you a mum? Are you not a mum? Are you not a mother darling? {Yes, yes} OK where does the adoption come in for you? {None that I know of} **my 2 nieces, 2 nephews DUH and I grew up in an orphanage though none of them were allowed to be adopted out.** that’s ok – that’s alright.

    ___________________Where is the adoption here. There is an adoption. (Pam: I have an adopted son. _________) _________________________________ and you have the grandma right
    OK, Bill do you have the mic? Bill have you been thinking of changing jobs lately? (Yes)
    Ah – OK –Your father’s helping you with this – I don’t know how. What kind of work do you do? (Computers). He’s coming thru and _________I don’t know (_________)
    He’s giving you a kick in the ass – giving you a kick in the ass, saying, “It’s about time – it’s about time.” Would she say, “It’s about time?” (Probably). So I’m hearing “Go with the flow – go with the flow” What do you do with computers? (I fix computers). So you do 2 jobs now? (At least). ________Have you ever seen a medium before? (Just once).

    What’s your wife’s name (Jeannie Moore) Alright Jeannie, Do you know if Bill has a back problem or back surgery coming up? What’s with the back surgery? It may be coming up – It’s being highlighted – highlighted – big time. It’s being highlighted. **Bill did have an injury to his back about 26 years ago, but not very serious, he was off work for a few weeks to recover and saw a chiropractor, but his mother had back surgery a couple years before she passed. That is all I can think of, I hope neither of us has a back injury.**
    You lost a brother recently, Bill? (Not that I know of). Alright Jeannie, I have a guy standing behind him._________________________________________ like John Edward says “a best friend, like a brother.” (I had one of my classmates that died). Unexpected passing? (Total surprise to me). OK it’s an unexpected passing to me.
    I have a young gentleman coming through did he or did he not pass like this? (gesture)______________. (But it isn’t recent)
    There is a Richard connection also. ? {Yes, I have a Richard} Past? {N)} OK what does this have to do with the person who’s past, then? {I don’t know}.

    OK you understand what your dad said about______ Go slow. Be your own boss. Remember if you own your own company, Bill, be sure you own 80%, your partner 20. All right? (I understand). You understand? (I sure do) OK – how about you? Do you understand this? You need to understand this, make sure that you don’t have a problem with your neck or your back or Jeannie’s (I have had – nothing serious) I’m not talking about just a sore back – It’s like a disc___ You need to get checked out – its out of alignment, or its thrown out it’s _______ or it’s something I don’t know. You need to have it checked out before it becomes a problem.
    How about you. Do you understand this? You don’t have a back problem – no neck problem?

    Now back to you briefly.

    “Me Toos”

    the other woman with lung cancer (my MIL mostly and several other women in our families)
    the adoptions (although I was too dumb struck to remember it at the time)
    the sudden death of the gentleman
    The assassination of plants (yes I bought about $ 200 worth of herbs/plants this summer and let them die – especially over the past 3 weeks. They were on the porch and front yard and I had to walk by them several times a day, each time thinking – gee I really should give them some water before they die, but apathetically neglected them and I don’t really know why.)

    Seems like there were some others but I can’t recall them at the moment.
    I think Bill is planning to post later.


    Here is what I think.
    I think that it was my great nephew that was killed in a car wreck last year.
    Bill only met him twice, once as a baby and once when he was about 10 or 11. Here is why I think it is him. I was thinking about him before the reading. He is the son of my sister’s adopted daughter. Richard is my dad – taking us to my side of the family. Bill has said many times that my sister’s husband is “like my own brother” it was a very recent and very unexpected passing. The reason I did not think of him during the reading is that I was trying to think of someone Bill’s age or someone that he knew.
    I did not think of my niece because, she was still pretty much a baby when she was adopted. I lived with my sister for a while and I just don’t think of Carla as “adopted” she is simply my sister’s daughter.

    It really makes me sad that he tried so hard to come through and JH had to work so hard. But, I would not have been able to send a message to that family anyway, because of their religious beliefs. They would not accept it.

    It was a really exciting but bittersweet experience. It was also my first reading by a psychic/medium.

    Amy Rose

    Wow you remembered a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading the readings because they bring me back to last Friday night! Like I’ve said before, it was incredible to be a part of the circle of energy!!!!! :hearts: :hearts:


    (((Jeannie))) :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

    Pam B

    Oh man, it’s so good to know that I’m not the only one who had psychic amnesia at the time. Don’t you feel like a six year old when you’re holding the mic and looking at the medium? I felt soooo stupid and then I felt awful later that the whole room didn’t get the full benifit of my reading.

    It’s like I want to call all those 200 people up and tell them!! LOL!!!

    The Other Side is amazing, and God is an awesome God for allowing this process to happen!!!! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


    Group hug!!!!!!:crowd:
    I feel so blessed! There was (is) so much love in our family of friends.

    I also have to say a big thank you to Pam B, Pam2 and Amy for filling in the black holes of my memory of the reading. It went by so fast, and yet it was such a long reading.


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