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    Hey everybody! :wave:
    I have some exciting astrology info to share…
    I have been ridiculously busy lately, but I had promised a couple of friends that I would do their transits. Actually, I promised them months ago, but I didn’t quite ever get it done. So when they lined up a trip to Atlantic City and my husband decided to join them, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do a little prediction for all three of them.
    Maria, I used the electional book you recommended to help make my predictions, as well as looking at their transits.

    I predicted that my husband would lose every penny he took with him and he did (this is the only time I think I will ever be happy about that! LOL). His transiting Neptune is conjunct his ascendant and he didn’t have anything triggering his fifth house.
    Between our friends, I predicted that Melissa’s luck would be volatile—and it was, given that she lost $150 on penny slots. Transiting Uranus is about to cross into her second natal house and is now conjunct her natal second house Jupiter.
    I actually predicted small winnings for Scott. His natal 5th house is triggered right now, but with trines, not the squares that he would need to have the energy necessary for a big win. He did lose $25, but I am counting this a correct answer, because I did correctly pick him as luckiest of the three (and he was gambling $500, so I think to only lose $25 is pretty lucky ;) ).
    Actually, my analysis was a little more indepth, but some of it was guesswork on my part based on what I was trying to figure out in the electional book, so I will leave it at that. But how cool!

    Thanks to Maria, I have long since been sold on astrology as a glimpse into a person’s psyche and potential, but I really didn’t know if I thought it would really work for timing for specific events and activities. Even though I keep feeling pulled to electional astrology for some reason…
    So I feel really inspired today! I know there a many more spiritual uses for astrology (like healing someone’s soul), but I just love this side as well.
    So that’s my story :D So thank you, Maria, and all of the rest of you in the astrology classes for your inspiration…
    And I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow. Eventually, (in like two years–LOL) I hope to catch up on all the stuff I’ve been missing…

    maria V

    Wow Karla that is very impressive! :clap:

    And I bet everyone is kicking themselves in the pants for not listening to you right? ;)

    Congratulations on your wonderful predictions and on taking the time to learn more about one of my favorite branches of astrology – electional.

    I will be offering a one night teleconference workshop on Electional Astrology sometime this spring – the date is already on my website. :hearts:

    Talk to you in class tonight!

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